Gaudo’s Big Scream

Unable to follow the best on the climb, David Gaudu nonetheless cemented his fifth place in the general classification, even coming close to the Nairo Quintana he eventually faced.

There was no miracle for David Gaudo. questioned the day before at the end of 16e The stage, Britton, who climbed to fifth, made it clear he was counting on a day without Geraint Thomas to get back into the race on the podium. In the end, the former Tour winner, who managed to hang Jonas Vinggaard and Tadej Pojaccar for a long time, cemented his third place. The Groupama-FDJ leader, struggling in the previous ascent, quickly left him on the latest ascent.

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As usual, the Landivisiau native managed to limit damage, backing off several runners with the help of Valentin Maduas and even managing to snatch a few seconds off Nairo Quintana, who is now just four seconds ahead of him. A real relief for the Frenchman, who had barely tasted the way the Arkea training runner runs. ” Nairo Quintana didn’t get away with the last climb, and decided to attack me. I had the sports director tell me to chew on it, which is what I did on the last slope. I saw that he had been thrown away, and I said to myself, ‘You, my dear, will come and take you.’ He didn’t want to roll over, it’s a fair comeback ‘ So I am entrusted to come.

It is played more with the head than the legs

However, David Godot had a complicated day and did not fail to pay homage to Valentin Maduas, once again, which is particularly precious. ” They all sacrifice themselves for me, so I don’t want to let them go. Without Valentine (Maddos), I do nothing today, he added. I have rarely seen him at this level. He saves my ass every time he drags me everywhere. Anyway, because we’re so happy we got safely here (Peyragudes), we’re still struggling for the top five. It’s very complicated, but on the tour, it’s going to be really huge. Right now, everyone is at the end of the line. There is still one stage where you have to be mentally strong. It is more in the head than in the legs. I’ll do my best at Hautacam, it might be a mess again. ยป

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“I wasn’t quite so well already at Hourquette d’Ancizan, I was able to switch with Valentine in my mind, he added. It did a little better on the next scroll (from Val Louron-Azet, editor’s note). When I saw the beat, I told myself that if it continued like this all the way to the top, they would be one by one and that it would be a rebellion from Granon. In the end, this kind of happened, even if we didn’t go back to Bardet and Thomas. We managed the day well. We will have to do the same on Thursday during the final mountain stage.

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