George R.R. Martin releases the announcement all book lovers have been waiting for

On May 19, 2019, the eighth season of Game of thrones. The series is undeniably popular but has a split ending. Severe criticism led to the dropping of the soufflé, which until now was served as a real great dish. Faced with these criticisms, George RR Martin may have found the solution: to stay away from the series.

Teaser by George RR Martin

Before it became a series of undeniable success, Game of thrones It is a series of fantasy novels known as throne of iron We have. And while five volumes have appeared since its inception in 1996, the last one was dance with dragonsReleased in 2011, fans are now waiting for the sequel. Two folders are still missing: Winter winds And the Spring dream. The writing of the VI is somewhat in full swing, with George R.R. Martin explaining that writing is progressing on one side and the release is supposed to be near, with projects multiplying and diverse on the other.

George RR Martin expresses himself regularly via his blog, adopting “Not a Blog” with humor, through which he communicates about the progress of his novel and current projects, but also in the news of the moment. The last post was dated July 8 with the title “winter garden‘, referring to new information for the sixth volume of its main series. The American novelist did not disappoint, with shaky information announcing an intriguing turn at the end throne of iron.

Another question I get asked a lot, especially since Game of Thrones ended on HBO, is whether A Song of Ice and Fire will end the same way. An architect would be able to give a short, concise and simple answer to this question, but I am more than a gardener. My stories grow, evolve, and change as I write them. I usually know where to go, of course…the final destinations, the big pieces of the puzzle, I’ve been in my head for years…for decades, in A SONG OF ICE & FIRE. But there are many demons in the details, and Sometimes the ground under my feet changes with the flow of words.

Appetizers quickly confirmed by the novelist: “But what I’ve noticed lately is that my gardening is taking me away from the TV series. Yes, some of the things you’ve seen on HBO in Game of Thrones, you’ll also see in The Winds of Winter (but maybe not in the same way)… But the rest will be completely different. “

Changes between series and books

Note that the events that happened in the series will not be found in the books:

And really, when you think about it, it was inevitable. The novels are much larger and more complex than the series. Some things that happened on HBO won’t happen in the books. vice versa. I have point of view characters in books never seen in the series: Victorion Greyjoy, Ariane Martell, Ario Hotah, John Cunnington, Iron Dumfir. They will all have chapters, and what they do and say will influence the story and the main characters of the series. I have legions of supporting characters, who won’t share their views on the story but are important to the plot nonetheless, who have also appeared in the story: Lady Stoneheart, Young Griff, Prince in Shreds, Benny, Brown Ben Plum, Razor, Marwin the Witch, DarkStar, Jane Westerling. Some of the characters I’ve seen in the show are quite different from the versions in the novels. Yarra Greyjoy is not Asha Greyjoy, and HBO’s Euron Greyjoy is very, very, very different from mine. Quaithe still has a role to play. Just like Rickon Stark. And poor Jane Paul. And… well, the list goes on. (And that’s all part of why WINDS has taken so long. It’s tough guys.)

The novelist also takes the opportunity to reveal this new characters It will make their appearance, while leaving a shimmer The death of some survivors of the series.

Oh, and there will also be new characters. There are no new perspectives, I promise, but with all the journeys, battles and intrigues to come, it is inevitable that our main team will meet new people in lands near and far.

One thing I can say, in general enough not to screw anything up: Not all characters who survived until the end of Game of Thrones will survive until the end of A SONG OF ICE & FIRE, and all characters who died in Game of Thrones will not die in A SONG OF ICE & FIRE. (Some will certainly. Certainly. Perhaps more. But certainly not all) ((Of course, I may still change my mind next week, in the next chapter I write. Gardening)).

A different end of the series?

Of course, the question that George R.R. Martin has to take on most has to do with the end of his novels. After the end of the series, which premiered on HBO in 2019, is far from convincing all spectators, fans are wondering if the novels would be any different. According to George RR Martin, the last two volumes of the saga will be worth their weight in gold:

And the end? You have to wait until I get there. Some things will be the same. It won’t do much.

The many differences between the novels’ ending and the series’ ending are enough to make fans want to know more. Just, you have to be patient, Winter winds There is no release date yet. for Spring dreamIt’s hard to even see the beginnings, as the novelist was left behind in the epic.

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