Germany shocked Austria to advance to semi-finals

Four victories in four matches, 11 goals scored and nothing conceded, Germany continues its perfect run. The German team, victorious in the three group matches, achieved its fourth consecutive victory in the quarter-final against Austria (2-0), Thursday, July 21 in Brentford (England), which is synonymous with qualifying for the semi-finals of the European Nations Cup 2022. The winner will challenge in Saturday’s meeting between France and the Netherlands.

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Extra time was just beginning when Germany finally booked their ticket to the fourth round of the competition, to correct the anomaly in 2017 (they were eliminated in the quarter-finals). By preventing the elimination of Austrian goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger, Alexandra Pope buried Austria’s last hopes (2-0, 90).e) to repeat the 2017 achievement when they reached the semi-finals of their first participation. She shielded her team from an equaliser, rewarding her sacrifice and sense of duty for 90 minutes while performing as a gift of inspiration (four goals in four games).

In short, she managed to hit the break goal that her teammate Clara Ball missed a few minutes ago (83)e). His left foot slipped even though the cages were wide open. Given her evening performance, the Munich player was worthy of her goal.

Then the German coach, Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, can take a deep breath after a more balanced match than expected. Admittedly, Germany led quickly thanks to Lina Magul (25e). The Bayern Munich midfielder benefited from working on the left side of Clara Poll, in recovery and in the middle, and from the altruism of Alexandra Pope, cleverly wiping out to open the scoring against halftime.

Austria is particularly aggressive

Because Austria showed offensive qualities that did not suggest that they scored their three goals only in the first round. From the start of the match, Erin Furhmann’s players jumped into the Germans’ throats by pressing high and quickly projecting themselves, like Julia Hecksberger Fuller on her right wing.

In the first quarter of the hour, Marina Georgieva (13e), substituted in a kick-off for the usual captain, Vicki Schnaerbeck, with his header to the post from Merle Froms. This wouldn’t be the only consternation for the German defense that still managed to keep a clean sheet for the fourth consecutive meeting.

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In the second half, the Austrians found the overs twice in less than five minutes. First Barbara Dunst with a sudden shot more than 20 meters from the goal (53e) then Sarah Bontigam at the entrance to the roof after the corner (57e).

Sometimes it takes a little luck to chart a good course in an international competition. We will not reduce the victory of Germany to this, because for its part it multiplied the great opportunities. Julia Gwen (46)e) I also found on the post a cross from Clara Ball who shot herself from the right cross (78)e).

With two goals scored after an opposite foul, German realism, such as a tribute to Uwe Seeler, the former great German striker of the 1960s who died on Thursday, allows him to pursue his dream of a ninth continental title. for one National Whoever hasn’t won anything since the 2016 Rio Olympics, never, method doesn’t matter much in the end.

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