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By scoring a hat-trick against Italy, Grace Giuro wrote a big page in his history in blue, while recording the history of the Euro. An outstanding performance by a Paris Saint-Germain midfielder who continues to mature and whose place in Corinne Deacon’s workforce is becoming more and more important.

the average

Let’s be honest, it was Marie-Antoinette Catuto who was most scrutinized at the beginning of this France-Italy. In 2019, the Paris Saint-Germain striker was not selected for the World Cup, because he is too green, too weak, and not decisive enough. In short, I’m not ready for a major tournament with the blue. Three years later, a citizen of Columbus lined up at the forefront of the French offensive and during the festival against I visit (5-1) She went there from her little pawn. No more, no less. But the essential is there: Marie Antoinette Catuto responded, and got the job done.

But in the end, the one who put her in the spotlight is fellow Paris Saint-Germain player Grace Giroud. On Sunday evening, the midfielder, who was established in the midfield with Charlotte Billbolt and Sandy Toletti, was simply stunning. Even better, she became the first player to score a hat-trick in the first half of the European Championship. Even better: no team has planted a five in a first class in the entire history of the competition. In short, cocorico rhymes with Geyoro. “I guess we can say it was a blissful evening” Kenza Daly laughed in the mixed zone, assuring the reporters in attendance that they weren’t the only ones offending the same pun that evening.

change dimension

The plan was to create spaces, no matter who took them. The players had to be very attentive to each other’s moves to be at the end.” Corinne Deacon was captured at the post-match conference. In this little game, it was the Parisian who expressed herself best. Sacred return to the girl who quit training at the end of June in tears after seeing her left knee turn after a bad gesture. Finally, it was quickly confirmed that this annoyance would not call into question his participation in the euro. But from there the tournament begins this way… “She needs to get hurt a lot!” » Deacon frankly dared the TF1 microphone after the meeting.

Beyond the touch of humor, the coach, who felt “synergy” Among its players, they already had something to satisfy them. The gamble of assigning Geyoro the keys to the environment paid off. Who was competing in the 2019 World Cup with a replacement shoe, was able to free herself from the absence of Amandine Henry to take on more responsibilities and free herself mentally. Hattrick is the latest evidence, and certainly the most realistic. “It feels good to be decisive and to score and to be able to have fun with my teammates. It’s a beautiful evening for all of us.The evening’s heroine humbly replied afterwards. We’ll have a little fun tonight, but we’ll quickly move on to something else tomorrow. » Belgium has been warned: one thing is Belgium.

Written by Julian Dawes, in New York Stadium

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