‘Given the pressures…’: Jean-Marie Begaard has made a drastic decision, it’s a shock!

On July 29, Jean-Marie Bigard brought good news to subscribers of his Instagram channel. On that day, his posts revealed that he was going on a world tour with comedian Dieudonné. For this purpose, the audience had already prepared to discover the shock duo between the two stars. The next day, he logged into his account again to explain that it was just a hoax. How ? We explain to you!

Jean-Marie Beegard: This star said he was a victim of hacking!

Born on May 17, 1954 in Fontaine-Luyères, Jean-Marie Bigard is a well-known celebrity in France. His favorite area is humor. In other words, he’s a talented comedian!

Apart from this job, it is also sometimes found in the production and film sector. In a way, that makes him a super versatile star! For this reason, millions of subscribers follow him in life. from his side, The latter is often very active on the web !

This may be why no one suspected the scam on July 29th. As a reminder, we are talking about the hoax that was broadcast on his Instagram account. We also note that it did not go unnoticed on the web. Took a lot of information as true.

Some have already rejoiced in this situation. Unfortunately, Jean-Marie Beegard came to interrupt the daydreaming with bad news. The latter explained that it was not the origin of this message. In fact, His account has been hacked !

The director has withdrawn from his first version!

Seeing the disappointment in the audience, Jean-Marie Beegard began speaking in public again. If some expected him to change his decision, he reaffirmed his position once more.

That is, he told his fans that this duo’s project was not going to happen. This time, He supported a completely different argument from the first ! For this purpose, the Instagram community was very surprised. Why does this actor often change versions like when you change your shirt?

In this second entry, Jean-Marie Begaard writes: “After reflection, and in view of the pressures, I have decided once and for all to put an end to the duo project.” In other words, He admits that this duet project with Dieudonne already exists.

Only, it was he who rejected the proposal arguing that there would be pressure. whats the truth ? Does this project really exist or was it a joke? To find out, scroll down!

Jean-Marie Bigard is aware of Dieudonne’s dark past!

So far, the public cannot determine the true intentions of Jean-Marie Begaard. Even if he still expected the latter to change his mind about this tour!

After some investigation, We found out that he really didn’t want to be associated with Dieudonne !

Jean Marie Bigard He knows very well the dark past of his fellow comedian. At the same time, he also knows that this is why everyone refuses to work with him.

As an example, he cites Eli Simon! To tell the truth, Dieudonne has already indulged in dubious political affairs!

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