Great tensions between Valérie Trierweiler and Inès Reg (video)

Valérie Trierweiler must have had her ears buzzing during the Wednesday night broadcast of Episode 3 of Beijing Express: shocking duets. Netizens have already pointed the finger at her ruthless behavior during this new day of racing. The journalist and former first lady has already decided to do everything to win, even if it means not taking out the fair play card. Example during an obstacle course allowing access to an immunoassay.

While guiding her blindfolded best friend, Valerie Trierweiler was disturbed by Xavier Domergue who was slowly advancing under Yoann Riou’s supervision. Ready to do anything to beat him, François Hollande’s ex-girlfriend did not hesitate to denounce his rival who, without knowing it, put his foot off the track for a few moments. “ Kick it! You do not have the right! There is no more friendship Screamed. The consequence of the sports commentators: He had to start from scratch. “ In war as in war. We weren’t too kind to denounce, but that’s the game Valerie Trierweiler admitted. “ There are people who don’t mind stepping on their feet Xavier Domergue lamented, stressing that his duet, at least, can show that he is strong in human terms.

After largely winning the obstacle course, Valérie Trierweiler once again chose the “All shots allowed” option during the immunity test. For this challenge, one candidate from each team had to show strength by carrying heavy trays in each arm which the competitors had to fill with tea as the game progressed. Synonym for judiciary. If she chose to attack Xavier Doumergue initially, Valérie Trierweiler changed her strategy along the way. And it was her second opponent that day, Ines Rig, whom she targeted. Unless he pleases the comedian. “I don’t understand, now I’m crazy ‘, captivated before asking her sister to only attack Valerie.

There is real competition taking root. declared war”, got to know the former first lady who ultimately failed in her bet with her narrow failure against Xavier Dormergue and Yoann Riou. They retaliated and won a hotly contested immunity contest. But Valérie Trierweiler’s performance earned her a huge number of criticisms on social networks.

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