GTA 6: The Rockstar leaker could have been arrested!

game news GTA 6: The Rockstar leaker could have been arrested!

GTA VI leaks have caused quite a stir in recent days. The suspected perpetrator has reportedly been found and detained in the UK.

While that The FBI was investigating the source of the game leaks GTA VI, probably related to another hack in uberSources claim that The suspected hacker has been arrested. Not Not even adults yet

London police have arrested a 17-year-old suspect

This is it Matthew Keys, award-winning journalist and former Reuterswhich states that British police have arrested the alleged perpetrator of these hacks. The The City of London Police confirmed To stop this Thursday one 17 year old young man in Oxfordshire. About Arrest as part of an investigation by the UK National Crime Agency’s Cybercrime Unitwho works closely with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On the evening of Thursday 22 September 2022, City of London Police arrested a 17-year-old in Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking, in an investigation backed by the National Cybercrime Unit of the National Crime Agency.

He is still in police custody.

GTA 6: The Rockstar leaker could have been arrested!

Rockstar, Uber…who else?

Various sources indicate this Well investigate the hack of Rockstar and Uber, although the police have not officially recognized him. Matthew Keys, considered a trusted source in the world of technology, He also confirms that he is indeed the author of these hacks. The young man will be linked to a well-known group of hackers, $ . slipwho had It hacked many giant companies such as Microsoft, Ubisoft and Samsung … If we do not yet know what the young man is risking, or even if he is the owner of these hacks, then surely he It is very risky to attack such companies. especially that $ Lapsus could have won millions of euros Thanks to these cyber attacks.

The police and the FBI should say more soon

As the case continues, it seems logical that London Police, the NCA and the FBI have yet to communicate in detail about this arrest and what specifically the alleged hacker was accused of. Matthew Keys confirms it The police should provide more important details later in the day. According to him, the FBI should also issue an official statement very soon. We recall that It was Rockstar and Uber who took over the FBItogether after the attacks they were exposed to. The two companies also filed the case to US Department of Justice.

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We will know more about the issue very soon. We must especially stress that this 17-year-old is indeed the one who stole this data from Rockstar Games and Uber.

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