HBO and Netflix neck and neck, “Squid game” as a surprise guest

It’s now a confrontation in the form of a classico, which, year after year, has pitted against cable channel HBO for video-on-demand service Netflix in the race for the Emmy Awards, the US Oscars television equivalent.

A slight advantage for HBO this year, which only with Season 3 of Succession, a cult series about the heartbreak of a powerful family, has received no fewer than 25 nominations in various categories. register. In the category of Best Drama Series, considered the most popular, Jesse Armstrong’s series will face troublemakers from South Korea, Netflix’s global success, squid game. A series with a colorful and colorful world but with a very dark theme – Koreans facing financial hardship are recruited in spite of themselves into a game whose outcome is either victorious or fatal – this production is the first in a foreign language to compete in this category.

A very competitive category too, but one in which Netflix is ​​placed fairly well: between Weird things And the Ozark, which benefits from a large audience and above all excellent reviews, the platform guarantees a certain vision. I’m not sure that’s enough to make this teen drama memorable trance (HBO), whose highly anticipated second season has thrilled viewers and the media.

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Departure bonus

On the comedy side, the success of Apple TV + Ted Lassowhich features an American football coach driven to the head of a team football English, starting in first place with twenty nominations. The series won last year in the Best Comedy and Best Comedy Actor categories, and the series will particularly face repeated nomination violators such as The Fabulous MI Maisel (prime video), Barry (HBO), or Larry and his family (HBO) and What do we do in the shade? (FX).

In the increasingly popular mini-series category, Hulu (part of the Disney empire) dominates with three – excellent – shows: leakageAbout the Theranos scandal, Pam and Tommyin the case of the “sex tape” that spoiled the careers of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and Dubisque, Documentary series on the opium scandal. But it’s the spelling of Mike White, white lotus, which won the most nominations (twenty) in categories related to miniseries and gives HBO a head start. This gritty comedy is rarely shown in a miniseries sanctuary Hawaiian Luxury has been renewed for a second season.

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For representatives, the categories, as every year, give a bonus to the departed. Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lassoand John Smarthacks), the winners of last year, are nominated again – for the same roles. Laura Linney, nominated several times for her role as a crooked bourgeoisie in OzarkHe gets one last chance to walk away with a little figurine. Ditto his partner Jason Bateman, or Sandra Oh, she has been nominated several times for her role as a policewoman with ambivalent sexual orientation in kill eve, But it was not rewarded.

The Emmy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on September 12.

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