“He had diarrhoea, he was vomiting, he had a loss of appetite”

While several batches of Purina brand cat food are the subject of a consumer recall notice, many associations and individuals are alerting to cases of severe cat diarrhea that can cause sudden death. For its part, the company guarantees that there are no risks to the health of animals.

I nurse cats that are completely out of control“. For a week, Françoise* was overwhelmed and overwhelmed by messages of anxiety. The president of the association that collects abandoned cats in the Somme faces a situation that says:Unprecedented : Many kittens in the area suffer from severe diarrhea and abnormal vomiting, sometimes resulting in the animal’s death, without any diagnosis being established. “Suddenly they have unstoppable diarrhea. We tested them and it wasn’t typhusSays , A kitten is still in the hospital and another has died, I saw the vet in the morning and was doing well“.

The same story by an association close to Rouen reports on a dead cat and another in a critical emergency. “I picked up a cat last week, he was a healthy, energetic, normal cat“Jane*, president of the association attests.”A few days later, he had diarrhea, was not eating and suffered from a loss of appetite. I took him to the vet, and he was hospitalized. When I picked him up he was fine‘, she continues.

Then yesterday morning he was vomiting bile, I took a typhus test which came back negative. By the time I took him to the vet again, he was dying and died.

Jin, head of a shelter near Ruan

I also have a two month old cat who was adopted on Friday morning, and he has been doing well. The next day, one of the vegetables had hypothermia and was having trouble breathing. He’s in the hospital, but he risks dying like the firstJane adds. Definitely not typhus : “againstI have been doing this for over 20 years, with typhus it is not devastating. There, he was looking everywhere, as if his neurons weren’t working. Vets don’t explain it.

Dozens of other testimonials on social networks describe similar situations.

For the president of the association, the explanation is clear : The concern comes from the packages of Purina One food they kept in stock to feed the kittens and which they give to families coming for adoption.

Of all the families who were given these foods, the cats immediately developed diarrhea.

Françoise, head of a shelter in the Somme

They suspect that these croquettes arehighly polluted“And it can be fatal to the most fragile of cats,”When you change the kibble, the animal is no longer sick.

Over the past few days, three batches of Purina cat food have undergone consumer recall due to the potential effects of (2-CE) residue,”From water treatment used by one of our component suppliers‘,” says the company that specializes in animal feed, without mentioning any specific risks.

  • The original PURINA® PRO PLAN® kitten from 1 to 12 months old, enriched with chicken ;
  • PURINA® PRO PLAN® Sterilized Adult 1+, Enriched with Salmon ;
  • PURINA ONE® Junior 1 to 12 months, made from selected chickens.

The Reminders were posted Friday, July 8, 2022 on the Reminders website.consumptionGovernment for batches marketed between November 20, 2021 and April 13, 2022. Publications are too late for Françoise : “againstThe croquet sold out between December and April, and we were only warned in July.

There have been cases and we have been talking about them for over a week. Reminders are only set on the 8th, which is not normal when Purina learned there was a problem“, criticizes Jane. The president of the association also performed an autopsy on her deceased cat, revealing”Large liver, intestinal problems may correspond to food poisoning.

I contacted the company who assured me that there is a lot of salt in these combinations. They are unable to explain why our cats react this way‘ says Françoise.

Contacted by France 3 Hauts-de-France, Purina and its parent company Nestlé indicate that the potential presence of water treatment residues (2-CE) in these batches of croquettes poses no danger. : “IConsuming the recall/retrieval batches over a short period of a few months does not affect the cat’s health.

Based on the scientific publication EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) dated January 2022, these effects would not represent any acute (or immediate) or chronic risk as this could then mean long-term exposure (exclusive consumption of the product containing these residues More information From 12 years old).

The decision to withdraw these parts from sale is merely a precautionary measure : “IThere is an amount of residues present in the respective batches that is slightly above the detection limit (traces), and the decision has been made to make a withdrawal / remind.

The company also says it’smobilized to understand this situation“repeats”a few batches“offers”We apologize to customers for the inconvenience caused by this withdrawal/returnFinally, users who have purchased these parts are welcome to contact the 0806 brand consumer service 800 361 for Purina products or 0800 226 462 for Purina Pro Plan products.

*Names changed

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