He hits. Lufthansa canceled almost all flights in Germany on Wednesday

A new episode of chaos has affected Europe’s skies this summer: Lufthansa, the leading European air transport group, will cancel Wednesday “nearly all” of its flights in Germany due to the strike of its ground crew.

The German company said in a press statement, the day after the strike was called, that more than 130,000 passengers were scheduled on nearly a thousand flights taking off and arriving from the main hubs of Frankfurt and Munich. wage negotiations.

Cancellations and delays until the end of the week

The service union on Monday announced a strike from 3:45 a.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday to “increase pressure” on management as it demands a 9.5% wage increase.

This social movement will take care of ground employees, particularly in maintenance, but also operators of aircraft towing vehicles, and is essential to the proper operation of the airport, meaning it will have a “huge impact,” according to the carrier.

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So Lufthansa has to cancel a total of 678 flights in Frankfurt and 345 flights in Munich, including 47 as of Tuesday for Germany’s two main hubs. The company also said that “the impact of the strike may lead to cancellations and occasional delays on Thursdays and Fridays.”

School vacation begins in two states

The social movement comes at the height of the travel season just days before school holidays begin in two southern German regions, while already in recent weeks travelers have faced long waits at airports and a spate of flight cancellations due to staff. imperfection.

Since the lifting of health restrictions at the beginning of the year, airlines and airports have struggled to meet sharply increased demand after two years of slowing traffic during which the sector lost many employees.

Lufthansa has already canceled 6000 flights this summer

More than 7,000 employees are currently missing in the German aviation sector, according to a study by the IW economic institute published at the end of June.

Lufthansa has already canceled about 6,000 flights this summer while the first German airport in Frankfurt intends to reduce the schedule to disrupt “more stability in air operations”.

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