Hearthstone: Best decks, new cards… Our murder investigation in the Nathria Castle expansion

game news Hearthstone: Best decks, new cards… Our murder investigation in the Nathria Castle expansion

Hearthstone’s new year kicked off April 5 with the Voyage expansion to the Heart of the Sunken City. As expected, the second group of Griffin’s year arrived on August 02 with a murder in Chateau Nathria. An expansion that revolves around the theme of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion. Better decks, new mechanics… After three intense days of gaming, here are our impressions.


  • Hearthstone: state of play to absorb the new mechanics of extension
  • Hearthstone: What are the strong floors of this new extension?

It’s official, the 21st expansion of Hearthstone has been available since Tuesday evening. summer accessory Murder in Nathria Castle Which turns the players’ vacation into a crime scene: Sir Dinatherius, the owner of the mansion, is murdered. There is only 135 new cards to play related to Shadowlands, the newest extension to World of Warcraft. The Shadowlands, the kingdom of the dead that adventurers enter, consists of an area called Revendreth. It is led by Dinatherius, the first major villain in the expansion, who kidnaps Anime : It is the spiritual energy of newcomers to Shadowlands. So Blizzard decided to print these new cards on these topics. Word vaccinationthey Introductions Plus the point in Best Squads: We’ve played the extension and give you our opinion.

Hearthstone: state of play to absorb the new mechanics of extension

Some will be more fortunate than others.

Since August 2, it has been possible to immerse yourself in what makes one of the great qualities of Hearthstone games and card games in general: unlocking packs of new cards. It instantly brings excitement like a kid on Christmas Day, while delivering on the promise of a whole new toy. Is this the case with A murder in the castle from natria? While previewing the expansion, we bet it was: Introductions Then mostly cards looked pretty good, even if the mechanics “vaccination We left hungry. How about in a context where these 135 new cards are available to everyone? We must realize that our instinct was not wrong.

First, cards of the type place. There are 10 (1 per class), each occupying a typical Revendreth district. They land on the game board like a server. They have an effect that can be activated every two turns, an effect that can be triggered by simply placing a card. For example, a priest’s life point grants two life points and one attack point to the client and allows the player to draw a card. In general, the Introductions They are excellent cards (except for Warrior and Hunter, for now) and offer everything you’d expect from new mechanics: entertainment, power, and a light layer of inversion.

side vaccination, the mechanics seem to be less imposing. Besides Dinatherius (to which we will return later) who mustered the creativity of players in these early days, few cards vaccination dominate. Maybe we can consider the area attack net place priest and masked camouflage Shamans like good cards, but that’s it. However, this keyword also brings a layer of thought to the players who play it: depending on their opponents and the decks they face, they will have to figure out whether it is important to play the base card or its saturated version.

Satisfy, k├ęsako?

All cards released with this word have their strength enhanced with one condition: sacrifice our allied creatures. They improve their hand after the death of X allied minions.

Hearthstone: What are the strong floors of this new extension?

meta definition

Before enlightening readers on the best lineups at the moment, it is a good idea to remember the definition of the word meta. It’s an English acronym, meaning the most efficient technology available. In the context of Hearthstone, these are thus the most effective decks: Gold is effective those that display a win/loss rate greater than or equal to 50%. So the meta is a group of these decks.

Obviously, whoever says new cards also says new lists to play. While it is difficult to determine the best decks at the moment after only three days of the release of the new cards, some of them are already very popular. On this topic, obviously, there is something for everyone: the updated previous archetypes, the aggressive menu or even the new mechanisms of skeletons in wizards, here are four lists that seem to appear in the early days:

  • Druid Dinatherius: As expected, Malfurion should stay on top of the leaderboard with Murder in Nathria Castle. In question, his ability to gain mana crystals (a resource for playing cards) and exceed the limit of 10 crystals thanks to standing. A peculiarity that allows him to play large creatures very quickly. And it’s fun with the arrival of Dinatherius: the latter deals 5 points of damage divided by all opponents when playing, a number of damage that increases with allied creatures that die during the game. This makes it possible to make very powerful card combinations (see video below).
    • Surface Code: AAECAeSiBAaJiwTp0ASY1ATv3gSX7wS + 8AQRgfcDrIAEr4AEsIAEiZ8Erp8E2p8EsKUEz6wE9r0E / 70ErsAEst0E1t4Ewd8E4O0E2qEFAA ==
  • Imp Warlock: Extremely aggressive decks, known as aggroIt’s often a safe bet in the days following the expansion’s release. with Murder in Nathria CastleIt is the magician who best embodies this violence with a model based on orcs. As mentioned earlier, this is the site of the wizard as well as the card imminent demon (Draw one card, and start over for each puck the player controls) which puts a lot of pressure on the opposing player. In addition to the instant grip and fun the deck provides, it’s also inexpensive in the dust and ideal for players with just a handful of cards.
    • Surface Code: AAECAcyLBQLHsgSb5AQO9O0D / foD // oDgfsDxYAEqZEEhKAE5qAE + dME + tME / 9kEgNoEgdoEq + oEAA ==
  • Skeleton Mage: This is one of the greatest novelties and perhaps the biggest surprise at the start of the expansion. The Jaina class, which is mostly based on spells (reduce, damage…) returns to the Hearthstone source with a list more focused on minions and especially skeletons: a new expansion card, it’s 2/2 that deals 2 points of damage to the opponent’s randomizer. The cards printed in this new expansion allow him to pause while summoning skeletons, before killing the opponent with the enhanced hero power.
    • Surface Code: AAECAf0ECNjsA53uA6CKBOWwBNy5BJjUBLjZBKneBAvT7APW7AUn9wOu9wOogQShkgT8ngTa0ATK3gTb3gSEkwUA
  • Quest Priest: A powerful roster Prior to the new definition, Quest Priest continues to stabilize without being unbeatable. However, she has new cards that allow her to kill many minions at the beginning of the game: they are especially effective against the wizard’s puck seen above. She doesn’t have a special advantage against slow decks, but she can hope to get away with Theotar and her quest reward that gives her an instant victory.
    • Surface Code: AAECAZ / HAgjU7QOm7wPd9gPwnwTlsASotgS42QSX7wQQmusDnusDh / cDjIERYoEiKMEiqME1KwEjbUEobYE89sE + dsEutwEkt8EhoMFhqQFAA =

Although the impression is less of a Druid Denathrius, some classes are still doing well in these early days. Think especially of shamans has evolvedwhich managed to apply a lot of pressure by calling higher-cost objects (masked camouflage and location). Likewise, a hunter and his dormant seed can spawn a lot of creatures and a lot of damage (Aralon‘ And the wild spirits In particular). On the other hand, the performance of some classes is less good. The first that comes to mind is being a warrior: since the last update and the decrease in the power of some of its classes, it has not been used much by players and it is not the new cards that have solved this problem. For his part, the thief seems unable to find a stable archetype (even if the new list is funny) and falls into the depths of the arrangement. The same for Paladin and Demon Hunter who had yet to find improved formations.

Compiled deck list

  • Seed hunter (middle):
  • Demon Hunter and Deathrattle Effects (mid):
    AAECAaWrBAq / 7QOoigSHiwT4lAT + vwTp0ASY1ASq3QSt4gS + 8AQKu + 0DvO0D / e0Dr + 8DivcDh7cEr94EsN4EquIEheUEAA ==
  • Evolution Shaman (mid):
  • Totem shaman (aggressive):
    AAECAYHaAwSG + gPp0ASY1ASx2QQN04AE / 58E + rQE4LUEssEEhtQEqtkEttwE8t0EpeQEveUExOUEvPAEAA ==
  • Naga Priest / Pelagos (Aggressive):
  • Coin Thief (ship cards or doubles!):
    AAECAYaSBAL7igT23QQOq + sD / u4D0 / MDofQD6 / YDvYAEkZ8E958EoKAEt7ME49ME9N0E9d0EwYMFAA ==

Like her older sisters, extension Murder in Nathria Castle Effectively modernize Hearthstone by introducing powerful new rosters with different game modes. A welcome update, as the meta has experienced some recurrence these days, despite the welcome arrival of Renathal. Location type cards are often powerful enough to play on most decks and allow for an extra layer of thinking, including the ability to activate their power every other turn. If we can consider that the mechanics to pollinate, to permeate A more mixed success, suffice it to note that the decks that appeared in these early days had cards using this mechanism. However, it will be recognized that it will not remain in the records, unlike keywords such as shovelingAnd the Discovery or even replaceable. Finally, we’ll also note the lack of a potential solo adventure around the murder of Diinathrios: nothing shocking that it didn’t exist, but the same kind of trait that Blizzard masters to offer something fun and interesting. In any case, players can always undo achievements at the start of the week to find another form of gameplay. All while waiting for the Master Tour, a major international tournament, where the best players will surely put their best cards on the table.

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