Heat Wave: A Simple Trick to Cool Your Car Fast Without Using Air Conditioning

Using a car air conditioner equates to increased fuel costs, it is well known. But with extreme heat, it is difficult to remain unreactive. Especially since the air logically decreases when the temperature rises. Many motorists cannot resist the temptation in this sense to send the air conditioner down in order to bring fresh air into the passenger compartment. However, there is a simple and effective trick to refresh yourself without spending a thousand and a hundred. Just a little elbow grease and you’re done. Few people are familiar with this method, but it turned out to be alarmingly effective. That is why we want to share it with you through the lines of this article.

Evacuate hot air from your car without air conditioning

During a heat wave, you do not need to turn on the air conditioner while driving. All you have to do is roll all the car windows and the wind entering the cabin will do the rest. Natural cooling that everyone already knows and has proven its worth. With gas prices skyrocketing in recent months, air conditioning is clearly the last cost-effective option available. You may be wondering how we can evacuate the hot air that stagnates in the car when the car is parked. This is of course true when you find yourself stuck in traffic jams that the heat unfortunately failed to break.

A parked car automatically collects heat inside and evacuating the latter is not an easy task. This is why motorists are not uncommon not to turn off their engine when they are stopped. They actually run the air conditioning and the latter runs with an electric motor connected to the battery, they can’t help but let their motor run. Connected to the alternator that runs when the vehicle is started, this power supply is automatically recharged. This is why turning off the engine while letting the A/C run is like putting a fork on your side. Your battery will drain itself and in this case you will not be able to start again. The starter requires sufficient voltage in the generator to operate.

Tips for cooling your car without air conditioning

That is why we suggest that you use the following method during a heat wave when your vehicle is stationary so as not to use the air conditioning. Close the windows on the driver’s side and open the door on the passenger side. Open and close the driver’s side door at least five times. It will freshen the air in the car, and you will not spend a penny on additional fuel.

Woman driving during a heat wave

Repeat this on the reverse side and you’re done. However, we would like to point out that this trick only works when the car is stopped. Otherwise, you expose yourself to serious risks of an accident. The moving vehicle will automatically bring fresh air into the cab when the windows are rolled. The method we mentioned above is effective and economical. Especially since it will only take a few seconds to get a satisfactory result.

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