Here it all begins: this iconic duo breaks up from the series, and fans are shocked!

While Guillaume, the Vice Principal, was away from his place for a few days, he returned to the institute with alarm Who will turn everything upside down in his relationship with Laetitia. In fact, after that weeks of controversyThe couple appears to be on edge. Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the next episodes from here it all starts! If you don’t want to know, don’t read!

Here begins the conflicts between Guillaume and Laetitia

For the past few weeks, Guillaume, played by Bruno Pozzolo, and Laetitia, played by Florence Coast, have not been doing well. In fact, this is where it all starts, the couple has gone through a rather complicated period since then coming tony, played by Kevin Dias in Calvier. It turns out that Tony is Laetitia’s childhood sweetheart, which does not please her boyfriend Guillaume.

True, the deputy director does not see with good eyes the discovered complicity between the directors. Guillaume even goes so far as to plunge into an unprecedented crisis of paranoia and jealousy. His excessive behavior Inconsistent with his girlfriend seemed expected. And this, because he was already attacking in the same way at the time, towards his ex-wife Clotilde, played by Elsa Longini, and her lover Joachim, translated by Janis Abrech.

Retreating from the situation, Guillaume returns to the Institut Auguste Armand. And that, to present Laetitia to a harsh warning. However, not everything is going as it is believed in the show here it all begins. In fact, His plan collapses very quickly When the answer is not as expected.

A couple from here it all starts separating

In a new exclusive excerpt from Here the whole broadcast on MYTF1 begins, Guillaume returns to the Auguste Armand Institute and faces Laetitia with a tough choice. either she Join him immediately on vacationOr it all ends in between. If he thinks that his girlfriend will choose the first option without any hesitation, It turns out he was wrong.

Indeed, Laetitia, here it all begins, does not allow herself to relent, so she refuses. She feels that running away together will definitely not solve all their difficulties. Thus, Guillaume insists in hinting at that young lady Prefers to live alone in Calvier. And that, to spend time with Tony’s ex. Not forgetting to cheat him. After all, she did not hesitate to check his calls and ignore his messages. However, Kelly’s mother, Laetitia insists that she simply needs to Some space to think.

The myriad crunch of jealousy is the icing on the cake of Laetitia. With tears in her eyes, she confessed to Guillaume that he represented everything she had ever dreamed of, a free, kind and caring man. However, his behavior has changed a lot recently. Moreover, the young lady did not hesitate to tell him that he was no longer filling it. So she presents to him Take a break to question yourself. However, Guillaume flatly refuses and wants to end their relationship. A symbolic couple, this is where it all begins So they broke up.

Continuation of the upcoming TF1 program

This time, their love story begins here Looks good and really finished. Guillaume’s excessive jealousy took possession of Laetitia’s love for him. For now, they are going their separate ways. But it is likely that they will meet again if the deputy director reconsiders his decision. So, if they’re not dating anymore, that leaves a chance for Tony to get her back. In fact, the young man made the trip to Calvier in The only purpose is to find it. He still seemed to have feelings for her.

If Guillaume is the only obstacle stopping him from doing so Get closer to the girlCould Tony, in turn, approach Leticia? And maybe even revive the torch of their ancient history? As for Laetitia, will you give a chance to this possible Resuming a relationship with Tony? The answer can be found in the following episodes from here it all starts. Watch the show from TF1 Mon-Fri 6:35 p.m.

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