“Here there is simulation everywhere, some kind of magic”

Television and film alternate alone on stage, and here’s Bruno Salomon in Of Avignon on a bill in the scalpel Face to face under great tension with Devi Sardo. The actor plays a brilliant surgeon who receives an unexpected visit from his brother whom he has not seen since their mother’s death. The two men hated each other: one was in love with his brother’s wife, and the other was in love with his brother’s wife. One was at the head of the class and the other the favorite son. We meet Bruno Salomon at the end of the show, Bermuda and Hawaiian shirt, a smile on his lips. He tells us about his Avignon.

Franceinfo culture: Is this your first festival in Avignon?
Bruno Salomon: It’s the first time I’ve done that as an actor, I just introduced my best friend, David Salles, who was doing a solo show, which I slipped through. There is a month left in Off. I was apprehensive and actually still great to meet all these wonderful people, all these wonderful people, all these universes, from the Boulevard Theater to more classic plays. I really love this everlasting party atmosphere. At the end of the month I might say something else!

Bruno Salomon and Davey Sardo V

What was the trigger?
I was shown this project, I said to myself why not, let’s go. And then part of the trip is trying to sell the tour you’re going to follow. This is interesting.

We can sum up “Au scalpel” as a terrible cat-and-mouse game between two brothers who hate each other …
That’s what I loved, it’s this place, we got lost, we don’t know where we are at any moment. We have taken these two brothers hostage, and we no longer know who is telling the truth and who is lying. We’ve done several readings before and I was wondering: but is my character lying or telling the truth? I had to convince myself of what was right and what was wrong to fully enjoy myself. I finally found my truth

Which of the two is worse?!
According to my reasoning, since it was my character that started, I’d say it was him (burst of laughter).

Bruno Salomon in

Does the Avignon Festival mean anything to you?
I’ve been to the Palace of the Popes, I’ve been smacked, it’s a beauty, this city is sublime. There is simulators almost everywhere, some kind of magic. I feel like I’m going on a trip back in time. Even compared to what I’m doing here. I, who started with the theater cafĂ©, have already learned how to rally people. Theater wasn’t my favorite place at first, but I love it now.

Could you come to Avignon with the band you formed with Jean Dujardin on “Nous c Nous”, back in the ’90s?
I would have loved it, but we did very little on stage together, and we were on TV pretty quickly. We played the Sentier des halles two or three times, it’s a shame by the way, we were going to have fun. We had a huge hit very quickly with this band.

And play in the (official festival)?
So there, I don’t know, I didn’t think about it (laughs)! I’ve never seen a show at In, I’m going to see a show at Cour d’honneur.

Will you be watching other shows on Off?
I will watch my friends’ plays. I saw Cyril Garnier in Astronauts, the man is captivating in this one-on-one. I go to see my friends at the solo shows, but I also want to see something else, I’m curious. Until now I went to the cinema (laughs) in this wonderful place which is a utopia. I saw the Quentin Dubeux movie, Unbelievable but trueI want to see the doc on Morricone, Enyo.

How is your usual day?
In the morning, I get up early, I go up to the Domes garden where we have a beautiful view, the sunrise. I walk the streets when there aren’t many people but it’s hard to find moments without anyone! The other time I made myself the palace of the Popes. Then I do a show, I have a salad for lunch, if you want to know everything (smile), then I walk around, I go see a play or a movie, depending on what they offer me because I know few people here.

Do you find an Avignon audience in particular?
What’s amazing is that we have very different people. The evening of the premiere was quite contrasting, yesterday it was a little difficult, and today I found them to be quite engaged. There’s tension in this play, it’s not a thigh-slapping comedy. Today they were fine. I was worried about the audience on Saturday evening!

It’s Saturday, but it’s one in the afternoon!
Already !

And this schedule, specifically, to play?
I like it, at least it was done! Otherwise the day is lost, you cannot fully relax. I organize my day according to the room.

Do you pull?
I have a trick: as soon as someone pulls me up, I undo it! We have so far escaped trouble. We have a tractor, Nadine, and she’s great and she was able to bring in 20 people today. I also have the advantage of being a bit unknown. They tell me: Ah, are you there? So get out a box!

Are there roles you dream of?
What excites me is changing roles, so I have no idea in my mind. I have a friend who says to me: I see you well Don Juan, I don’t introduce myself in the classics, it’s not my primary culture. We study the classics at school, but for me it was synonymous with boredom. Moliere was happier, but I didn’t understand everything. Second, we are not ready, anyway, I was not! And today I rediscovered all of that. If I feel a desire on the part of a director or author, that desire can convey that desire to me. But I do not introduce myself in it Richard III !

your projects?
I am writing now. The series is a quote from my penultimate show euphoric Where I tell the story of a child who spends his life laughing. It’s like a fairy tale in which all the characters played. In this series, if I could edit it, I would do some but not all.

And your animated movie project?
It will be quoted from one of my drawings. It is a family that everything is going well for them, and they have a little boy. The parents argue a little, there is a problem in the family, he does not know what is going on. They live in the south in Marseille. There is a clash, the parents climb to the outskirts of Paris, and most importantly, the little boy had a small dog and they gave this dog, a shocking drama to a 9-year-old. We got to the outskirts, there is no longer the sea, nor the family, the same relationship between parents and there is no longer an animal. The parents separate, and before leaving the father gives his son a guinea pig and then disappears. The only element that connects him with the father is this little animal and this little animal will play a very powerful role in his life.

Is this your story
This is my whole story.

“Au Scalpel” by Antoine Roulette, directed by Thierry Harcourt
With Bruno Salomon and Davy Sardo
Gemini Theater
1:10 pm
10 rue du Vieux Sextier, Avignon
09 87 78 05 58

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