High to very high prices for this re-engineered luxury SUV

DS n’aura pas attendu bien longtemps avant de mettre en vente la version revue et corrigée de son grand SUV, qu’il ne faut plus soit dit en passant appeler DS 7 Crossback mais DS 7 “tout court”.. Les commandes sont ouvertes from now on. Not surprisingly, prices are on the rise. Logically, the new 360-horsepower version is anything but a reduced version.

Launched in 2017, the large luxury SUV has gone via the restyled box and at the same time loses its “Crossback” moniker to becoming the “very short” DS 7.© d

Nothing but diesel and plug-in hybrid

If the DS 7 still offers a choice between four drives. There was little sorting. Get out of the petrol version Puretech with 180 horsepower. If you swear only by heat, now you can only count on 130 HP BlueHDI Diesel. The 225 HP (2WD) and 300 HP (4×4) Hybrid They are still in the program, but a new view of these two proposals has been added since the release of E-tense 4 x 4360 hp Its entrance, it is the same mechanical assembly as the Peugeot 508 PSE. Oh yeah anyway!

The range revolves around Five trim levels (Pastel, ‘Basic’ level, Performance line and Performance + Beauty line, Rivoli and Opera for those wanting a more elegant show and messy gear), which have been added A (time-limited) release version of the La Premiere of which only the 360hp DS 7 benefits.

Approximately €80,000 to afford the 508 PSE engine

It makes perfect sense that the prices of the DS 7 will reach unprecedented heights with the introduction of this latest variant. Count nearly 80,000 euros for the top version. Luckily, La Premiere livery is richly equipped with heated, heated and ventilated Nappa leather seats, electric panoramic sunroof, power tailgate, soundproof side windows, 21-inch wheels with 360-degree night vision, advanced HiFi system, matrix lighting, etc. Hence, you are safe from the CO2 penalty with its PHEV block, as it is always taken.

For the rest, prices still change drastically. While it was not so long ago that we bought a 130-horsepower DS 7 diesel engine for 40,000 euros, now it is necessary to account for almost an additional 5,000 euros, which is nothing! The 225- and 300-horsepower hybrid versions do better, earning only, with the same finish, about 2,000 euros. But none of them qualify for the €1,000 Malus which PHEV models can still take advantage of until the end of the year. However, DS announced that “Finishes are gaining additional standard equipment, while reducing the number of options.” It is best to have a well-stocked portfolio.

All New DS 7 Pricing (July 2022)

mechanization pastel performance line Rivoli opera performance line + the first
mechanizationDiesel BlueHDI 130 Automatic pastel€44,700 performance line€46,300 Rivoli€49,500 opera€54,500 performance line +CN the first/
mechanizationPlug-in Hybrid E-Tense 225 Automatic pastel53900 EUR performance line55100 EUR Rivoli€58,300 opera63,300 EUR performance line +CN the first/
mechanizationPlug-in Hybrid E-Tense 4×4 300 Automatic pastel60200 EUR performance line61,400 EUR Rivoli64600 EUR opera€69,600 performance line +CN the first/
mechanizationPlug-in Hybrid E-Tense 4×4 360 Automatic pastel/ performance line/ Rivoli/ opera/ performance line +CN the first€78,400

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