His update on his duet project with Dieudonne

Jean-Marie Bigard and Dieudonné were to go on stage in a show project called curse curse. Lola Maroua’s companion confirmed the information on Twitter on Tuesday, August 9. But the tour will not see the light of day.

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At the height of summer, Jean-Marie Beegard found himself in the middle of controversy. The posts as well as the photo posted in the story on his Instagram account seem to indicate that the comedian and Dieudonne will soon form a new duo. The two men had to go on stage together on a 72-date tour for a show called fucked until fucked. Information confirmed by Eli Simon’s former assistant in a video shared on YouTube. There he explained that he had put this idea to his former partner, who had rejected it, and that Lola’s partner, Marois, had accepted it. This project immediately caused a stir on the web. Jean-Marie Bigard had his keyboard seized to denounce identity theft.

Given the pressure

On July 29, he appeared to deny this information. “My message has been deleted. Happy!!! My Instagram account has been hacked. A malicious person is posting a rude montage to hurt me. I don’t know how to stop this! Hey pirates, if you read to me: Bigard isn’t dead, he’s still a bitch!!He had pushed the point home on July 30th, he had posted. He turned down any project with Dieudonné. “Hey friends! No show with Dieudonné! Everyone can resume normal activities!” , I have indicated. On this Tuesday, August 9, Jean-Marie Bigard indicated on Twitter that he had regained control of his Instagram page. He took the opportunity to provide a more detailed update on his partnership with Dieudonne. “I assure everyone, Dieudonne has always been so well-meaning in this story!” , writes first. Before they say more about what they thought together that would never see the light of day in the end.To put things in perspective forever: Dieudonne is, to me, one of the most talented comedians of his generation, and I had to go up on stage with him for the show. “Fuck the fucking” mBut after reflection, and given the pressures, I definitely decided to end the duo project and officially confirmed it to my producers on July 26th.”And the He explains. Before concluding: “There’s nothing else to say or comment on. End of the sequence, I wish you a great summer.”

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Jean-Marie Bigard persona non grata big heads

Jean-Marie Beegard’s recent posts, particularly in relation to the Covid virus, have made him persona non grata in big heads Laurent Ruquier Show on RTL. What regrets at the Jordaan de Luxe. “I’ve never talked about politics or anything to the big bosses. I kept humor, humour, humour! But nevertheless, Roecker heard me yell at the ministers, like Agnès Buzyn. I called her a “big bitch”. It was too much for him, so he found himself not wanting to be in the picture with me. He does not want to be a friend of Jean-Marie Bigard, ” He was taken prisoner to Jordan de Luxe.

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