How far will express charge go?

The latest Vivo Iqoo 10 Pro and its 200W charger begs a question: Have we really reached the limits of fast charging?

Vivo Iqoo 10 Pro benefits from 200W charging // Source: Vivo

In order for their devices to find a place among the best smartphones, some brands do not hesitate to come up with amazing numbers. In recent years, there seems to be one area particularly conducive to this single ingenuity: phone chargers. We have another proof of that with the recently introduced Vivo Iqoo 10 Pro in China and detailed on Weibo. This is accompanied by a fast charge of 200 watts.

Alexis André, Marketing Director of Vivo Mobile in France, specifies that “The first ever smartphone with 200W fast chargingAnd so the brand is cutting the rug under the feet of Xiaomi, which has been working out an equal strength solution for some time and whose marketable version appears to be on the way to being ready. Thus, the Iqoo 10 Pro claims to be able to go from 0 to 100% in about Just 10 minutes thanks to a 20V/10A charger (20V x 10A = 200W).The smartphone has a 4700mAh battery.

vivo launched its first 200W smartphone in China: iQOO 10 Pro.
0 to 100% in 10 minutes 😱
– New battery design
– Many protection techniques
– New 20V/10A GaN . charger
Maintains its capacity (80% minimum) after 1,600 cycles

– Alexis Andre 📱🎮 (@AlexisAndre_) 25 July 2022

How far can express freight be paid?

Obviously, Vivo guarantees that its technology is proven to pose no risk to you or your device. Moreover, we are sure that the battery will retain at least 80% of its capacity after 1,600 charge cycles. It’s a lot more than usual that we still find between 800 and 1000 cycles today (but things seem to be changing quickly). So 1,600 cycles should let you last about four years with a battery that stays fairly close to when it was new.

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The smartphones from the Iqoo range were not released in France, so you should not be able to get this phone through traditional distribution channels. However, the device shows a very noticeable trend: Manufacturers are putting the pack on charging power to make you wait less than ever. Because Vivo has not yet reached the glass ceiling. At the last MWC in Barcelona, ​​Oppo presented a 240W solution to fully charge a 4500mAh battery in 9 minutes. A smartphone that takes advantage of this charging power will be launched in 2023.

Bidding, why?

Chance to wonder which brand is going to push the next plug up to 250 or 300 watts, because it seems more and more like we’re headed there. Certainly, this will allow them to highlight the charger.”The strongest in the marketTo put a good face. However, if we take a step back, one wonders if this rush of innovation is really reasonable. Whether we wait 10 or 9 minutes, is there really a difference?

The next real hack might be near-instant full charging, but is that even possible? Meanwhile, we often find ourselves enjoying one wit that may seem anecdotal. Fast shipping is already excellent with many manufacturers. However, the latter may have fine-tuned its technologies little by little to complete the minutes, and the frustration remains the same for now: famous manufacturers such as Apple, Google and Samsung are still far behind in this area.

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