How is everyday life for unwanted people

Christophe Galtier is no longer dependent on some players from the professional team of Paris Saint-Germain. While waiting for a possible departure during the summer transfer window, these undesirables continue to operate under special circumstances.

During open press practice for a few minutes this Thursday, La Under Herrera, Rafinha, Thelo KahrrJulian Draxler, Levin Kurzawa as well Mauro Icardi and Idrissa Gueye, several players who make up the famous Ile-de-France loft.

Christophe Galtier quickly explained that he wanted to work with a narrow group of players in Paris. Thus, the new Paris Saint-Germain coach has fired many members of his workforce, and Ile de France is seeking to sell them during the summer transfer window.

If some of them try to recover elsewhere in France or in Europe, not all of them will necessarily leave before the transfer market closes. And from September 1, according to information from L’Equipe confirmed by RMC Sport, Paris Saint-Germain will consider developing it with the National 3 team accompanied by many youngsters from the training center but too old to play with them. Michut, Gassama, Bitumazala, Nagera, etc.).

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Under-19 coach to supervise them

Like Thierno Baldé, who was transferred to Troyes, Paris could let many titis slip away during the summer transfer window. But the exit of foreign players from the professional workforce appears to be more complicated by their salaries. Meanwhile, the seven players identified as persona non grata by the Parisian administration find themselves in a “loft” in Paris on a daily basis. Unlike stars like Kylian Mbappé, Neymar or Lionel Messi, these PSG players train on a different schedule than the group run by Christophe Galtier and his staff and often find themselves in sessions during the afternoon.

If they still had access to the Camp des Loges facilities, Herrera, Rafinha and their consort were working under the direction of Régis Beunardeau who was still in charge of the U19s in 2021-2022, reports L’Equipe. History of physically preserved, Paris also allows these undesirables to benefit from the care of physiotherapists, the performance cell or the medical service that the Galtier Group has access to.

Lofters with less envy?

Inevitably, this exclusion from the professional group is accompanied by mental laxity. Despite the need to stay fit in order to return to another club, PSG undesirables don’t all show the same desire to train. Some continue to maintain professionalism while others seem more resigned to their status in Paris.

The fact that there is no opportunity to play during the weekend necessarily hurts their participation during work sessions during the week. Friday’s organized opposition among these unwelcome players is not enough to keep pace with the pace and ability to play in the first division immediately.

Paris must resolve the situation before the end of the transfer window

Despite being sidelined, PSG players remain subject to the same rules regarding group career life. Thus, delays in training are always punished by being sent home and their behavior kept under watch by Christophe Galtier’s crew. A way to maintain the link, even if it is weak, with these players announcing their departure during the summer transfer window.

Indeed, the closing of the transfer window (September 1 in Ligue 1) will have a direct impact on the daily lives of the unwelcome. If Paris can legally remove them from the professional group “Galette”, Article 507 of the LFP charter provides for their restoration at the end of the transfer period.

“This dismissal should be made temporarily for exclusively sporting reasons related to manpower management, the League cautions in its reference text. In no way should this be prolonged as regularly, permanently and definitively as the dismissal of a player goes against the spirit of the text and the professional footballer’s employment contract.”

Jean Jay Lipperton of The Associated Press

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