Ice cream and conditioners … the products that the French rushed to during the heat wave – edition du soir Ouest-France

After periods of high heat like those already recorded in France in May and mid-June 2022, the heatwave should return for the weekend of July 14. With climate change, these episodes multiply. Some sectors benefit from it.

A heat wave is once again preparing to overwhelm France. An episode that testifies, if necessary, to global warming, and is not without serious consequences. Meanwhile, the French are changing their buying habits.

Selling drinks in good condition

It is clear that they mainly use the beverage sector. Sweating contributes to the regulation of body temperature, it increases the loss of water and mineral salts, and therefore water consumption should be increased. Hence the increased sales of mineral bottles, which also take advantage of the massive purchases expected by carriers (SNCF, highway companies, etc.) to have inventory to offer to their users in the event of a heat wave.

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What about the catering aspect? “ Favorable weather with moderate temperatures and sunny weather benefits the sector »notes Maxime Petitfrère, Western Regional Director of France Boissons, the main distributor for hotels, cafes and restaurants. “But when the weather is abnormal (high winds, heat waves, high temperatures, rain, etc.), consumers tend to stay indoors. We see an increase in our sales of water bottles but no further change in our sales. »

Driven by favorable weather and a recovery in the tourism sector in the second quarter, sales trends this year remain though “Very good with a 10% increase in sales compared to June 2019, our reference year”, says Maxime Petitfrier. Even if he remains vigilant about the current context of inflation with declining purchasing power.

Ice rays stole

With hot weather, ice cream sales are doing very well. (Illustration: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Ice cream purchases are booming, too. With 72% of sales (by volume) taking place each year between April and September, “Ice cream is a seasonal market, inevitably characterized by the vagaries of the weather”says Timothy Arar Gantt, General Secretary of the Federation of Ice Cream Companies.

In May 2022, the hottest May in France since the post-war period according to Météo France, ice cream was cut off supermarket shelves by +30% in value and +27% in volume compared to May 2021, according to Nielsen Institute. more globally, “From the end of February to the end of May, there is a +8% increase in value between 2021 and 2022.”defines Timothée Arar-Jeantet, while The ice cream category has already had its second best year by value in 2021, with sales of €1.2 billion..

What are these purchases about? The preferred formats for the French remain sticks excluding miniature and cones excluding mini and containers. New products — fresh flavors, vegan recipes, natural ice cream, and low sugar — are also doing well in this market, which is growing 3% each year.

Air conditioners and fans are running out of stock

Other sectors also perform well in periods of high heat. Like air conditioners, coolers or fans, they are widely promoted in home appliance stores. The heat wave that was recorded in mid-June 2022 was an opportunity for many brands to sell off the shares they had had since 2021, a period that did not experience peak heat.

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The fact remains that they do not provide the same functions or the same impact on the environment, as UFC Que Choisir points out. Air conditioners have proven to be the most effective in cooling, but having a consistent air conditioner requires work around the house. While installing the portable version “Also the most energy consuming and least environmentally friendly solution”, due to the refrigerant used to cool the air, the Consumer Association notes. On the other hand, the fan moves the air with its blades.

As for the air freshener or air cooler, it uses the principle of evaporative cooling. Its different models be “Two to three times cheaper than portable air conditioners, and ultimately not much more expensive than some fans whose prices are now at their peak.”, believes the UFC Que Choisir. But “In the case of extreme temperatures, their cooling power may be insufficient. » As for air humidifiers, they are “Useful for mitigating the effects of dry air, but will not allow you to cool the room in the event of a heat wave”According to the association.

1.6 installed air conditioning per minute

On the sales front, sales of fans have already made significant progress in recent years, with many buildings being equipped due to new environmental regulations, and then air quality requirements linked to Covid. The air conditioning market has been steadily rising since the 2004 heat wave, according to Thermor. “In 2021, the French split market (system with indoor unit and outdoor unit) was 840,000 units, or 1.6 installed air-conditioning units per minute in France. In 2022 we expect a forecast of +10%.”

But practices are changing, explains Madeo Toure, chair of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Strategic Committee at the industrial federation Uniclima. “We’re seeing an evolution: today we no longer buy an air conditioning product for two or three months. Some users are drawn to inverse heat pumps that provide heating and air conditioning and can therefore be used year-round. More durable products such as ‘multi-crack’ fluids and low profile fluids Global warming potential (Global Warming Potential, which determines the refrigerant effect in terms of global warming, editor’s note) on the environmental impact divided by three”. Heat pumps also benefit from helping to regenerate energy.

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