“If I have to do it again, I’ll do it again”

Emmanuel Macron was welcomed by Jean-Marc Cherry, general manager of the French-Italian semiconductor giant, accompanied by Tom Caufield, Managing Director of GlobalFoundries. His visit comes the day after the announcement of a new semiconductor manufacturing unit at the Isère site, operating in 2026. The project is the result of a collaboration between US manufacturers STMicro and GlobalFoundries.

The head of state should visit a future White Room and discuss the challenges of the sector by 2030, in the presence of the many government ministers who made the trip, Bruno Le Maire (Economy and Finance), Sylvie Rétayau (Higher Education and Scientific Research), Olivier Veran (Government Spokesperson) and Thierry Breton European Commissioner for the Internal Market.

2:55 pm

Regarding the disclosure of his arrangements with the Uber VTC platform, when he was Minister of Economy, President Macron said that he “fully assumed” his actions.

I have fought to create jobs and I fully assume that. If I had to do it again, I would do it again. We passed the first laws in Europe to regulate platforms. On the sidelines of his trip to Krolls, he said, the role of the Minister of Economy I was going to take was to fight a scourge, which is unemployment.

2:40 pm

The sermons are over. The boss exchanges with the audience and opens himself up to the selfie game.

2:20 pm

Macron speaks: “We must not make history falter and go back. We have restored competitiveness, invested heavily in innovation and research. “

The head of state insists on what is “at stake here, re-industrialization,” which has already begun in 2021 where, he says, “we opened twice as many factories as we closed.”

To keep pace with this “huge investment for national sovereignty” (10 billion euros in industrial projects and 5.7 billion in STMicroelectronics), Macron announced the allocation of 800 million euros to research and innovation.

2:14 pm

Time to give speeches, in the central courtyard of the STMicroelectronics site. Thierry Breton speaks first: “This future will be written here. You will contribute to our sovereignty”, says the European Commissioner for the Internal Market.

1:56 pm

President Macron greets the ST staff who have been waiting for him for an hour. Mini tour at the end of the visit before making speeches.

1:40 pm

Helmets screwed onto her head, the visit to the STMicroelectronics factory of Emmanuel Macron and his ministers continues.

1:25 pm

Matthew Estrangen, Dauphiné Libéré’s economic journalist, takes a look at Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Krolls.


Krolls Mayor Philippe Lorimier says he is very happy “that the political will of France and Europe to re-industrial is expressed here in Krolls, because this is also the fruit of the work of the elected officials who made it possible in 1990-92 to welcome STMicroelectronics, a major industrial company, on An area of ​​40 hectares, complemented today by an area of ​​15 hectares. »

Emmanuel Macron in discussion with Jean-Philippe Mercier, Development Director of Renault Sport F1.

LDL Photo / Benoit LAGNEUX

12:26 pm

Emmanuel Macron visits the clean room construction site of the STMicroelectronics Gateway 3 plant. Here the ST machines should produce silicon wafers before the end of the year.
The joint plant with the Americans will be on the same model.

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