“If it goes on, I’ll end up getting rejected,” Compoire says.

Antoine Compoire said he will count on Ludovic Blass on Friday for FC Nantes’ first home game against Lille. At a press conference, the coach of the Canary Islands spoke about the position of the midfielder, who entered into negotiations to move to Lusk. Faced with a prolonged situation, his speech developed without hiding an iota of annoyance.

Will Ludovic Blass be there against Lille?

It’s there and there, that’s the most important thing. We will not hide that there are contacts with Lille. Tomorrow he will be on the grass to play against Lille

Have you always wanted to take advantage of his talent?

Always. If someone asks me the question, Ludo doesn’t leave, he stays there. Don’t ask me the question.

Could he play this very special match for him?

The most important are the discussions I had with him. Today he assured me that he wants to play this match, and that we are not talking to him about contacts. He has a job to do, he knows there is a game to play and he wins.

Is it still special to play a match against your future opponent?

Why do you say it’s his future club? In the past, there were many times when there were advanced contacts and it didn’t work, we don’t know. A contract, as long as it is not signed, there is nothing. Proof, some announced that he is no longer with us this weekend. You have to be very careful about what you say.

Did you talk to him about it?

He’s there every day, he’s happy. We talked to discuss his mental state. He assured me that it was 100%, and that was enough for me. I hope it is good and we win

And you will accept the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving if all parties meet there?

This question is not asked, it is with us. If someone asked me, he wouldn’t leave. He is with us. It deserves to be clear.

Does he still have his checkout voucher?

At some point, if it continues, I will end up getting rejected. I’m not saying that I have full powers. But if you asked me the question, I would say no. Yes, there will be a deadline. He’s our deputy captain and he’s an important player.

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