Igor Theodor (OM): “Good energy is spread by conscripts”

How did you do this week?
There is no football without physical work. We’re working on both sides, and again this week. There is a slight change in the way it works. We took advantage of an entire week to focus on tactics and fitness. I really liked this week, there is good energy spread by the recruits, they have raised the bar, by their quality, by their professionalism.

As an assistant coach, you knew Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus (2020-2021). Do you find similarities with Alexis Sanchez’s behavior in training, on the requirement side?
Alexis only did two training sessions with us, of the few I’ve seen, it’s true that there are some in common. Dedication to work like Cristiano. Next, they are two different players, each following their own path. I am happy with what I saw: a good man, willing to do a good job and work hard. I hope Alexis continues like this this season and is a point of reference for the team. It will be part of the Brest group, and we will see in what position we can use it. He can play on three offensive positions, on the left, and on the right…

“Alexis Sanchez didn’t play in preparation. Don’t expect him to be at his best right away.”

What is his physical condition? He was a luxury substitute at Inter, so did he need to find real rhythm at first?
He was always professional and a good coach, even when he wasn’t playing. It can make the difference. I really liked his matches last season. After that, he did not play in preparation. Don’t expect him to be at his best right away. I think it will take a good month, but by then it will be ready.

What can Jordan Veretout bring to you?
He’s a player I’ve always loved, very strong and very serious. He became a father for the third time this week. He’ll play a lot, that’s for sure. Besides who, I don’t know, but I’ll tell you again, there will be room for everyone in the team, the season is long.

“Dmitri Payet is training very well this week. He is an important player for us, captain. He will be crucial this season.”

Dimitri Payet was on the bench last Sunday. Was it a match pick or did you expect more from him? Physically in his contribution…
It’s just my choice, which means nothing to the rest. The rest of the season is long. Dimitri is training very well this week. He’s an important player for us, captain. It will be crucial this season.

What do you think of the rumors surrounding Arkadiusz Milik? Do you totally want him to stay this season?
I do not comment on rumours. I’m glad that here, we have a good relationship. He’s a serious player, he just had an hour against Reims, and he no longer has the tendon problems that poisoned his life last season and prevented him from real continuity. I see real progress on his part. »

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