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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has already been revealed through leaks and rumors. A 200-megapixel sensor, a telephoto lens, a Snapdragon chip … We evaluate all expectations about the upcoming flagship of the Korean giant.

3D visualization concept of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra // Source: Technizo Concept

Unless it comes as a big surprise, Samsung should announce the Galaxy S23 Ultra from the beginning of next year, in January or February 2023. The flagship of the Korean giant’s premium range is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated smartphones every year.

After the S22 Ultra which is exciting in terms of its design (inspired by Note, the disappearance of the image block in favor of a teardrop system), but also a bit disappointing, at least in Europe due to the half-baked Exynos 2200 chip, the S23 Ultra is more than ever expected.

The premium smartphone requires that the first leaks focus on the image. If the Samsung Galaxy S23 was a former to rely on the S22’s photo components, the Ultra model for its part could rely on the brand’s first 200MP sensor. It will be the Isocell HP2, which according to Ice Universe will be the “best” of the three 200-megapixel sensors developed by the Korean company.

Samsung 200 Megapixel ISOCELL HP1 (4)
Samsung officially introduces a 200MP sensor, the Isocell HP1. But it will be Isocell HP2 that will equip the S23 Ultra. // Source: Samsung

As for the rest of the rumors coming from Galaxy Club It states that the phone should maintain a 10x optical zoom paired with a 10MP sensor. If this is confirmed, it won’t necessarily be a bad thing as this photo unit is making feats.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP concept
Conceptual view of the rear image module of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra // Source: Technizo Concept

YouTube channels like the well-known Technizo Concept enjoy presenting 3D concepts of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and its block of images for purely illustrative purposes.

performance and independence

Now let’s take a look at what’s under the hood.

First news: Obviously, Samsung is no longer pushing its own S23 generation Exynos chips. As for the S23 Ultra, that could mean that instead of the Exynos 2300, it will choose the as-yet-unannounced Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. If this may sound a bit technical, even secondary at first glance, know that the Exynos of S22 Ultra, and in particular the in-game temperature management, were among the phone’s major flaws in our eyes. So the S23 Ultra under the Snapdragon will be very good news.

Furthermore, Samsung and Qualcomm have entered into a major long-term agreement.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Reference Design_Outdoors
Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. // Source: Qualcomm

On the famous leaked battery Ice world It offers that the S23 Ultra will retain a capacity of 5,000 mAh, like last year. We can hope that Samsung will find a way to better optimize its phone for better autonomy. Changing the chip may help.

what we expect

As for many elements of the future flagship, it’s still too early to say.

Starting with the design that hasn’t leaked yet at all. So of course, with the redesign of the S22 Ultra, which has clearly accommodated the Note range, it would be surprising if Samsung didn’t continue down this path. So we’d expect a relatively bulky phone, with square edges, as well as a stylus location.

S22 Ultra -09
S Pen for S22 Ultra. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

The same goes for the teardrop design. It’s hard to imagine Samsung returning to the traditional photo block now. On the other hand, where the Korean giant still has room to maneuver is the fact that the sensors protrude from the back. The flatter design will be a real achievement and a real added value.

Another element that some observers would like to see arrive in the S23 Ultra: a selfie sensor under the display. It is true that Samsung already offers it on its Galaxy Z Fold 3. In addition, the manufacturer ZTE has unveiled a phone that looks like the S22 Ultra with mustaches, but also and above all, with a camera under the screen.

Galaxy S23 Ultra pricing and availability

It is of course too early to comment on the availability or price of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, we can rely on pricing and release dates for the previous year.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was released on February 9, 2022. If we expect a similar window, at the end of January or the beginning of February, we still have to keep a specific date in that ballpark and not present it. As for the price, let’s recall the price list of the S22 Ultra when it was released: it went from 1259 euros in 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage to 1459 euros in 12 + 512 GB In the context of the price hike, it would not be surprising that Samsung foot the bill little more.

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