In addition to “Betty Nicholas”, five other iconic albums of the designer

Renowned designer Jean-Jacques Sempy died on Thursday at the age of 89, publishing many other works throughout his career.

The French Jean-Jacques Simbi, a professor of cartoons, has been publishing roughly one book a year since the 1960s. little nicola, The famous designer has dozens of other works. Here are five other iconic albums from one of the greatest cartoonists in the history of French comics.

• “Mr. Lambert”

Building on the success Little NicholasSempé was created in 1965 by Mr. Lambert, an office worker who dreamed of escaping from his humble state. Every day, he has lunch at “Chez Picard”, discussing football, politics and sex with his colleagues. Every man with a bald head and a big nose, speaks of himself as a playboy who lights up his hot emotions.

This archetype, one of Sempé’s favorite things, was painted without malice. “It is the absurdity of the people, poor, a little destitute from every point of view. Good people, thanks to Mr. Lambert, have been able to lie to themselves, to invent wonderful love stories and to make others believe them,” he said to Globalism.

• “Saint Tropez”

No need to read Bourdeiu or Characters From La Bruyère, if we pass through it Saint Tropez, Published in 1968 and a sequel to it Saint Tropez forever, Released in 2010. Saint-Tropez: Party, Alcohol, Dark Glasses and Café Sénequier. Sempé captures a miniature of unemployed people around a swimming pool or on a yacht.

“We talk a lot about the joys of living there, but I show little of it in my drawings. It’s nature that delights in Saint-Tropez,” he explained in Le Figaroclaiming that he had “a third of his thoughts about the city before he set foot there”.

• “Simbi in New York”

Rented 1978 in the famous magazine New Yorker, Simbee signs his first cover by drawing a ready-to-fly office worker out of his tower window. Over a hundred first pages, it traces its happiness to living in this gigantic city, with its lazy cats, young humans, frenzy, jazzmen and hidden gardens. Publisher Denoël collects all these drawings in the album Simp in New York, It was published in 2009.

• “musicians”

Surprised by Duke Ellington, little Simbi dreamed of learning to play the piano. But at the time, “finding a pen and paper was easier than finding a piano.” What inspires him the most are the musicians. However, it would take seven years to finish this eponymous album, and he would wait until 1980 to publish it.

Happy to capture the happiness of the Sunday musicians: a bald white pianist, so happy to play Harlem ragtime; A quartet of young female violinists waiting for their train at a huge station or even a man with a mustache wearing a tie and constantly waving maracas… “Let’s not get caught up in people’s happiness,” he said.

• “Raul Taborin”

Sempé got his first bike at the age of 16 while working as a wine deliveryman in Bordeaux. From this belated discovery of pedal happiness, he will chart several albums and a new humble champ he calls Raul Taborin.

In the fictional small town of Saint-Céron, this bike dealer is hiding a heavy secret: he doesn’t know how to ride a bike. A movie set in 2019 with Benoît Poelvoorde and Edouard Baer recreates the delicate and absurd poetry of this cute eccentric character.

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