In Bordeaux, the Girondins’ downfall is ‘fraught with consequences’

The meeting took place on Saturday, July 9 at 4 p.m., at Place Bey Berland in Bordeaux. For nearly two hours, 3,500 Girondins de Bordeaux (FCGB) supporters – just over 2,000 according to the police – marched through the city streets to express their support for the football club, the city’s emblem for a century – up to one hundred and forty years, if we take as a starting point the club’s creation Multi-sport in Bordeaux – but we are in danger of relegating to the amateur level.

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Four days ago, the National Directorate of Administrative Control (DNCG), the financial football policeman, considered that the club did not provide sufficient guarantees for development in Ligue 2, as it was relegated sportingly at the end of 2021-2022 season, and therefore had to be demoted by another degree, to Level 1 National.

It is a decision that has dire consequences for the territory and the populationsorry to Pierre Hormec, mayor (ecologist) of Bordeaux. You cannot scratch a club with its one hundred and forty-year history. » On Saturday, he, accompanied by other elected officials, led the march behind a banner “Let’s save the FCGB”.

If the Girondins’ downgrading to amateur level is confirmed, it will likely result in bankruptcy and restart at the National 3, Division V, or even regional level, still a step lower. With a devastating economic impact, given the club’s structures, it is currently cut short at the professional level.

“Three hundred direct jobs and at least many indirect jobs depend on them.”alerted, Monday, July 11, ten deputies from the Gironde in an open letter addressed to the Minister of Sports, Amelie Odea Castera, denouncing it “death warrant” Issued by the DNCG against the Girondins de Bordeaux.

The training center may have to close its doors. As for the future of the professional women’s team, it would also be at risk. “They are paid by the professional company which may be affected by the liquidation this summer”confirms Thomas Jacquemier, Girondins Deputy General Manager, recalling that this team has “The third budget for the D1 woman after Paris and Lyon”.

Matmut Atlantic Stadium “There is no doubt left the fallow”

In addition to affecting the club’s economic and sporting plan, filing for bankruptcy will also have consequences for local communities. The future of Matmut Atlantique Stadium, which opened in 2015, owned by Stade Bordeaux Atlantique (SBA), a subsidiary of the Vinci and Fayat groups, and funded under a public-private partnership with Bordeaux Métropole, is at the heart of particularly local questions. elected officials.

During the July 7 City Council meeting, President Alain Anziani called “general mobilization”. The elected officials in the capital had already voted unanimously, on June 24, to distribute Girondin’s debt over the next two seasons, and to facilitate future rents to use the can until the end of the 2024-2025 season.

The capital city guarantees that “To counter the revenue shortfall if the FCGB no longer pays its rent, the city’s total budget is close to €1.8 billion”. “For the city to give up the rent for two, three or four years, it’s not so dramatic.”believes Patrick Bobbitt, leader (LR) of the opposition and former president of the Purdue Metropole.

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“You are so emotional, drama, shock, disaster, legacy. We can help, but we need to protect employees in return, by not wanting to have a single layoff at this company, especially since we know there is money being distributed in a very vague way. “For his part, Philippe Bhutto, the Capital Adviser (NPA) was fired.

The goal now is to study what the uses of the Matmut Atlantique stadium could be with the Girondins de Bordeaux relegated to the amateur category and thus no longer attracting many fans. “If we no longer have a professional club, we have to use it to the best of our ability. There is no doubt about leaving this fallow pitch, it exists and can be of service.notes Deputy (LRM) and municipal and metropolitan councilor Thomas Kasnav.

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