In China, students are monitored with attached pens

Smart pens will be circulated at the beginning of the school year. They convey students’ work and take notes directly. tkyszk /

At the beginning of the Chinese school year at the end of August, teachers will receive live feedback from students in class.

The graphics are on a corner of the notebook, finished. Primary and secondary schools in China distribute smart pens to their students. Using a small camera, they can film taking notes of children and send them in real time to teachers.

Its distribution will be free and generalized for the next academic year, at the end of August. With this said, teachers make sure that their students in the class are paying attention, working and not indulging in doodling or other daydreaming. Horses classe is also a way to download homework to grade. They are stored in the cloud, which makes it possible to keep track of the writings.

Out of school, no rest

According to the Sichuan (southwest) newspaper Chengdu Shangabo, as early as the end of July, a teacher on the southern Chinese island of Hainan distributed connected pens to students so that they could do their summer homework. When the child writes, a notification is sent to the teacher informing him that he is working. This would make it possible to know the working time and the time taken to answer a question. Teachers will be able to generate statistics to see which aspects they should focus their explanations on.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, this device helps “Strengthening homework management in schools. Teachers should fully correct all tasks (…) and encourage scientific use of computer tools to analyze and diagnose tasks“.

However, the newspaper said the practice is already widespread in some areas of Shanghai and Yunnan provinces. Online, one student said in a post “I am watching (…) I have lost the joy of summer vacationThis post, which was widely reported, provoked some reactions. Some Chinese want to buy these pens for their little brother or sister, and others believe that the school creates an obstacle to the freedom of students.

Other media are wary of using smart objects as a surveillance tool. They are also concerned about the workload of teachers, who have to correct all homework during the holidays. This improves the country’s already fragile boundary, between work and rest. Between the time spent working in the classroom and at home, during and outside school hours.

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