In pictures, in pictures. Drought: Dry rivers and rivers that can be crossed on foot … 10 great photos of France and Europe

Much of Western Europe is experiencing severe drought. The water points dry up, and the land becomes barren. Check out the great photos we’ve curated.

France, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries in Western Europe have a major drought this summer. It affects crops, rivers, lakes, streams, soil…

Medidispatch It invites you to discover a selection of images illustrating the extent of the phenomenon.

in France

Many of the photos, including those of La Loire, are particularly striking. The longest French river is dangerously close to its lowest point in its history.

Never seen like him! The #Loire, a symbolic river of France, shortened in the life of a stream. This photo, taken in Bouillet-sur-Loire, attests to the extent of the current drought and the difficult times ahead.
Usually the river directs the horizon, and we now cross it on foot.

– Damien Deville\ud83d\udc3e\ud83d\udc3a (@damDeville) August 10, 2022

The situation is also critical in Gorges du Verdon. Swimming and boating are now prohibited in the Grand Canyon. The consequences of tourism are significant.

everyone gm\ud83d\udca7. It was very hot and dry all over Europe. This is the famous “Gorges du Verdon” where we can see the effect of the intense heat.

July 2022 vs September 2021

– Fakeye\ud83d\udca7 (@liviofakee) 27 July 2022

In Toulouse, Garonne is especially dry this summer. So much so that it is now possible to walk the river in some places.

The Howes Basin, in Fire in Calvados, has been on alert since July 12. Drought greatly affects the level of the watercourse.

Vire . Lock Pictures # Normandy Dangerously empties due to #drought Which hits Normandy and the whole country hard.

Also, the risk of fire is very high in our area.

-\u2600\ufe0f Chris from Météo Basse-Normandie\u2600\ufe0f (NormandieMeteo) August 11, 2022

Elsewhere in Europe

Portugal, in addition to its violent fires, suffers the brunt of the drought. For more than 35 years, the village of Vilarinho das Fumas has been inundated after a dam was inundated. The drought that hit the country destroyed the ruins of this village.

In pictures: The flooded Portuguese village of Vilarinho da Furnahas in Portugal rises from the depths, with its stone foundations intact as a result of drought.

– TRT World Now (TRTWorldNow) August 10, 2022

In Germany, it is the Banke River, near Berlin, which belongs to the catchment area of ​​the Elbe River, which in certain places has completely dried up.

Berlin Germany
The Little Banki River has completely dried up in some areas. The carp ponds of the Pankow Fishing Association, which are supplied with water through the Banki River, are also drying up.

– Dimforver (@rath_22) August 9, 2022

Since July 13, the Lac des Brenets in Switzerland can no longer be sailed. Today, it is difficult to see photos, the lake is completely dry, and very little water flows into the center of the basin.

84% of Spain’s Cigara reservoir is dry. The country had its worst July since 1961. The bridge shown in the video was flooded in 1950 to create the reservoir, and it is visible again due to drought.

The Waal River in the Nijmegen region of the Netherlands has also been affected by drought. Residents can walk next to the boats, which, of course, can no longer turn.

People walk near boat houses on the banks of the Waal River in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Ongoing drought halved operational capabilities along the Lower Rhine from Rotterdam to Germany.

– ꧁ \ u272f ????? \u272f꧂\ud83c\uddf9\ud83c\uddf7? \ud83c\uddec\ud83c\udde7 (LoveOfTheFener) August 12 2022

Finally, with the Po River in Italy reaching a very low level, an unexploded 450 kg bomb from World War II was found.

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