In Rwanda, Anthony Blinken warns of the dangers of regional instability

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The US Secretary of State must leave Rwanda this Thursday, as he arrived last night after a layover in Kinshasa. After meeting with President Paul Kagame, Anthony Blinken held a joint press conference with his counterpart.

With our correspondent in Kigali,Laure Brollard

For Anthony Blinken, the visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and then to Rwanda was a real counterbalance, as he was expected to be the head of US diplomacy in these two countries on the issue of the March 23 rebellion. A recent UN report indicates that Rwanda will support this group’s work in eastern Congo. After meeting with Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi on TuesdayThe US Secretary of State met with President Paul Kagame this morning. He then held a press conference with Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Perrota.

In front of journalists, Anthony Blinken did not publicly condemn Rwanda, but simply indicated that reliable information indicating Kigali’s support for the March 23 movement and the presence of Rwandan troops in the DRC was discussed with Paul Kagame. ” My message to the Congolese and Rwandan presidents was the same, Did he say? Any support or cooperation with armed groups in eastern DRC threatens regional stability. »

Taking into account Kigali’s view of the crisis, Anthony Blinken determined that this principle applied to M23 but also to the FDLR, this rebel group opposed to Paul Kagame’s government, which, according to Kigali, is fighting on the side of the movement. Congolese army. For Rwanda, the FDLR is the main cause of instability in the region. Vincent Perrotta called him this morning. The Rwandan diplomatic chief also again denied any support from his country for the March 23 Movement, and claimed the right of Rwanda to protect its sovereignty and its people in the event of an attack.

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Anthony Blinken has also been very forthcoming on the issue of human rights. Rwanda is regularly accused of severely suppressing freedom of expression and dissent, even outside its borders. Thus, NGOs such as Human Rights Watch called on the foreign minister to make strong statements on the subject. Anthony Blinken expressed his concerns about human rights in the country.

We believe that criminalizing the participation of certain individuals in politics and harassing those who criticize the incumbent government jeopardize peace, stability and future successes in Rwanda. ”, specify. However, no announcement has been made by opponent Paul Rosabagina, whom the United States considers unjustly imprisoned. His conviction and trial were also discussed with the Rwandan authoritiesThis is an issue that should continue to be addressed in future discussions between the two countries.

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