In South Africa, anger and misunderstanding after the deadly shooting in Soweto

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Nomzamo Park residents can’t stand it anymore. They were already walking with fear in their stomachs through the dark streets of this poor part of Soweto town in Johannesburg. They are now afraid of dying while drinking. After the shooting that killed fifteen people in a pub on Saturday 9 July, several hundred residents yelled their frustration at South Africa’s Minister of Police, Becky Seely, while visiting the site of the tragedy. , Monday.

“We don’t have any police here!” When we want to file a complaint, we wait until dark, and when there are murders, no one comes.”, attacks a volunteer from a local watchdog. After being attacked from all sides, Bheki Cele promised to deploy a special unit. “Once they get here, you won’t come and pick me up to pick up the bodies because when they come, they come.”Director promised. Not really convincing.

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“They don’t care about us, when we call them at night they say it’s too dangerous and they’ll come the next day”, says Kanizel Mbele, a pub neighbor who woke up to the gunshots. A few meters from his house, traces of blood appeared on the pavement in front of the gate filled with shockwaves. On the night of Saturday 9 July to Sunday 10 July, revelers gathered at this cramped bar when men who got off from a minibus opened fire on customers.

“A girl called me for help, and I walked into the bar, she was shot in the legs. She was surrounded by corpses, I had never seen that before”The young neighbor follows. By the time the ambulance arrived, the man, the only one who found a car, had time to make three turns to the hospital, she asserted, denouncing, like other residents, the endless waiting for help and the police to arrive.

The death of 21 young men between the ages of 13 and 17

In this slum, where small, government-backed homes rubbed against tin shacks, we used to hear gunshots. ” every night “, says Canizzelli. but not too much.

The security climate continues to deteriorate in South Africa: within two weeks, more than forty people have died at the party venues. Also over the weekend, four people were killed in a shootout in a bar in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal province, and two others in a bar south of Johannesburg.

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