In Texas, a pregnant woman wants her baby to be a passenger in the car

The United States – This is an American story par excellence. Texas police, a pregnant motorist who was recently fined for driving on a communal driveway, believes her fetus is a passenger and has decided to take the matter to court.

Brandi Button, 32 and 34 weeks pregnant, was arrested on June 29 on a highway by a police officer who fined her, thinking she was traveling alone in her car.

She was in the “carpool,” which is a lane reserved for cars carrying at least two people, which you can’t argue with.

But the young woman pleaded with the policeman, in vain, that her unborn child was already a person in the eyes of the law since the United States Supreme Court overturned the ruling a few days earlier, which guaranteed the right to voluntary termination. Pregnancy is at the federal level, leaving that decision in the hands of each state.

The fetus or the “unborn person”?

“Is there anyone else in the car,” the policeman said in an interview with CNN. “I pointed to my stomach and said ‘exactly here.’” He said, “Well, it takes two people out of the body, so that doesn’t count,” Brandi Button added.

“I was a little shocked and said ‘Looking at everything that just happened, and I don’t want to do anything political about it, do you understand that’s a kid?'” The driver insisted.

I decided to appeal the fine in court.

Texas penal code, like many other conservative states, recognizes a fetus or unborn child as a “person,” which transfer laws do not seem to do.

Even before the Supreme Court’s decision, Texas, through legal sleight of hand, last September banned all abortions from about six weeks into a pregnancy upon detection of cardiac activity in a baby.

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