In the cosmetic market, the syringe is dominant over the scalpel

Investigation“The epic of plastic surgery” (2/5). Aesthetic medicine, less expensive than surgery and considered gentler by patients, benefits from laboratory innovations: Botox, tensor sutures, hyaluronic acid … Its success is so attractive that surgeons compete with dermatologists or general practitioners.

“Everyone is a masterpiece.” Every masterpiece. This logo is not a title for a personal development book, nor a title for an ecumenical artwork. This is the logo chosen by Epsa Derma, a subsidiary of a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company. In early June, it was shown on the immaculate wall of a viewing platform at the Palais des Congrès at Porte Maillot in Paris. Here, for three days, more than 14,000 plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine practitioners and industrialists as well as investors, from 121 countries, celebrated their happy reunion after two years of the pandemic and video conferences.

Les invités de ce rendez-vous mondial baptisé Imcas (pour International Master Course on Aging Science) ont fêté l’explosion de la demande post-Covid-19, les dernières avancées des « sciences du vieillissement », les futurs produits miracles et techniques tomorrow. Super Botulinum Toxin for an ultra smooth forehead for longer. A method of artificial hair transplantation to overcome baldness. Ultrasound or electromagnetic wave devices for a more toned body and firmer skin. Awaiting the Holy Grail of Aesthetics: Tissue regeneration through the magic of pluripotent stem cells, the promise of eternal youth.

The participants did not get bored, between workshops, seminars, symposia, a “communication cocktail” and a gala dinner in the elegant Ritz. Sans oublier les films projetés sur grand écran dans l’immense amphithéâtre Bordeaux : des séances de dissections tournées, en direct, dans le laboratoire d’anatomopathology de la faculté de médecine et les chirétéurgies de la éveque en filmés , In Paris. A scar-free breast lift, other face and neck surgery, breast augmentation and buttock surgery are on the program this year. “Perfect device for training”, the congressman estimated. In short, highlight 23e IMCAS Edition.

“best students”

Welcome to the wonderful world of beauty, this Happiness PromiseAccording to Stendhal, of his processors, tools, and techniques. Anyone who wants to not have access to this elite of the scalpel, which has about a thousand members in France. Only they can retouch any part of the body. Other scalpel professionals, much more in number, should limit themselves to their area of ​​expertise. Facial eg for Maxillofacial experts.

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