In the Oval Office, about Donald Trump, a “crazy” meeting before the January 6 date

On December 19, 2020, Donald Trump issued twenty-one tweets. Normal production as per its standards. Someone made history, dispatched at 1:42 a.m. The outgoing president repeated there that he was “It is statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 election.” he added: “Big Demonstration in Washington on January 6th [2021]. Be there, it will be crazy! »

Trump supporters have warmly welcomed the call for two months. Grassroots activists, conspiracy sites, particularly far-right militias, proud boys and oath-keepers: they all signed up on the calendar date. Tweet as a green light to prevent a peaceful transfer of power on the day the presidential elections are to be approved in Congress.

Tuesday July 12, through 7e A public hearing, the House of Representatives Committee of Inquiry considered preparations for this meeting. Courts have dismissed 60 of the 61 Trump team complaints about bogus fraud. Several White House advisers, including Ivanka Trump and the legal team, believe the current president should concede defeat. ” say that [la preuve des fraudes] It was skinny that might be an understatement,” The committee was explained by Jason Miller, advisor to the president.

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However, a few hours before the famous tweet, a stormy encounter – “crazy”According to one witness – it took place in the Oval Office on the evening of December 18, 2020. It lasted six hours and witnessed shouts, insults and even physical threats, before ending upstairs, in the house. I heard echoes in the corridors.

The unexpected guests were Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and conspiracy lawyer Sidney Powell, as well as Patrick Byrne, the former head of, all involved in the campaign trail. by Joe Biden. This small group of unofficial outside advisors was there to feed Donald Trump’s instincts. They had a draft presidential decree written two days earlier. Text for the military’s confiscation of voting machines in the disputed states.

Not a decree but a tweet

After informing these visitors, White House legal counsel, Pat Cipollone, arrives in disaster with his colleague Eric Hirschman. Discover the amazement of the small gathering. “I did not understand how they got in.” Counselors on the outside without borders and no morals against advisors on the inside, still in Trumpian night the principles of the rule of law: and so the feud began.

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