Influencer Cynthia Marcotte dies at age 29, reveals a photo taken before the accident

Obélix from People’s Press, she fell into it when she was young and never left the bowl. His favorite hobby? Scan the social networks of the stars to discover clues about breakups or new couples that are still kept under wraps.

Cynthia Marcotte has been ahead of her all her life. I stopped at only 29 years old. The Quebec influencer, known for her wise culinary and nutrition advice, passed away on Saturday, July 16. It was his companion who was responsible for the announcement of the painful news on social networks.

Sometimes life is unfair. That’s exactly what subscribers Cynthia Marcotte, Quebec’s Queen of Influencers of cooking and nutrition advice, and William Grundin Tremblay, the young lady’s companion, should be thinking. The latter, who undoubtedly used to read the numerous publications of his beloved, followed by more than 26 thousand subscribers on Instagram and 30 thousand on Facebook, this time spoke in his place to announce his death: “My name is William and I have been married to Cynthia for over 13 years. Today I have a difficult task to announce his death to you, He begins. Saturday evening, on our return from a bike trip, we were hit head-on by a car. Cynthia succumbed to her injuries on the way to the hospital.

The tragedy occurred on the evening of Saturday 16 July in Notre Dame de Lourdes in the Center de Quebec on Route 265. A car traveling at high speed collided with the couple who were riding a bicycle. If William survived with a few scrapes, Cynthia was more seriously affected and succumbed to her injuries. The lovers share this same passion for several years, a practice that William had also introduced to the young woman.

Devastated by the loss of the person who shared his life for so long, William still finds words to thank Cynthia’s community without which she would never have come this far: “I would like to personally thank the people who have followed Cynthia over the years. Without your testimonials and your lovely words of encouragement, you would never have been able to do everything you did. I hope you will excuse the brevity and straightforward nature of my letter, for it is the best I have the strength to do under the circumstances.. ”

Cynthia Marcotte and William have been together for 13 years. In the media’s La Tribune, he said a little more about their life together and the pains of absence: “We did everything together, we spent our whole days together. For me, it’s worse than just losing my girlfriend. I don’t know how I would go on without her. (…) Cynthia was a very generous person for her time. She took the time to respond to absolutely everyone who called her.. ”

At the moment, no details have been released regarding the circumstances of the accident. The investigation is still ongoing. After thanking Cynthia’s supporters, William Grundin Tremblay concluded his message in a very unique way:I leave you with the last photo that Cynthia took – a picture of us walking happy. In fact, in the comments section, we discover a selfie of the duo, all smiles, more than happy to share this new moment together. No one knew then that it would be the last…

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