Internet users are different!

A new episode in the saga if I against. Incredible transformations ! Last year, the reality TV contestant asked the show’s experts for help to make a change. Instead of getting excited by the idea of ​​changing heads, the 44-year-old was soon disappointed. On social networks, the former winner of loft story poured on it”worst nightmare“.”Screw me! I cried all night“, captured at the beginning of the year to our colleagues from Hairstyle, Styling, Luana looked very frustrated with all aspects of her transformation. Words that made professionals who passed their hands jump, starting with the hairdresser Nicholas Waldorf.

The ending is not what I wanted

After months of quarrels through the media, the young woman ended up sharing a photo of her makeover on social networks on Thursday, August 11. She appears to have recovered well again. “Here is the real picture of the end result of the extreme transformation… Bob hair, chestnut brown and cream suit size 52 instead of 44, no makeup, I did not recognize myself. That’s why I cried when I saw my arrival picture“Initially indicates.”I’m not saying it’s horrible, I’m just saying he’s not like me and that we agreed on some things that weren’t respected‘, then defines. Before we define her remarks a little: “But apart from that, I had a great day with great people, it’s just the ending that wasn’t what I wanted or imagined, that’s it.

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Netizens are not at all of the same opinion as her!

Text attached to a photo showing a young woman with medium-length blonde hair that is slightly wavy (not at all a chestnut square) in a light suit that is a bit fluid but of size. Unless internet users fail to direct it to him. “Therefore, the square is not at all … hair color, much better than the old yellow. After clothes, that’s not your style, okay, but hair is so much better“,”Sorry, but this isn’t a square cut“,”Square, don’t overdo it… It’s far from square and even less chestnut… You have to stop smoking“Can we especially read in the comments. For most young subscribers, this look is more than successful.”Amazing ! Season !“,”Much better than your usual look“,”You are so much better like that!“, “It’s 100,000 times better than before“,”This change is perfect, I don’t see what bothers you. It gives you a lot of credibility and maturity“,”You don’t have to have a lot of makeup on or be too tight… It’ll fit you better, you’re in your twenties unfortunately,” you commented, “Obviously, you weren’t ready to change up your look.” It’s a shame, she looks much smaller. You just have to accept the reality. the years the attic It has succeededMany of them have noticed. Critics resonate with fashion professional Sharla Carter.

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