Is it good for our eyes to always use dark mode?

In general, we tend to think that the dark mode is good for the health of our eyes. But is this the truth?

In the collective imagination, using dark mode synonym for good eye health. This comes from the fact that when we activate dark fashion Our screen, our tired eyes look reassuring to see less the White light very strong. That is why all social networks now offer their own dark mode, in addition to the settings of your smartphone. Snapchat got into it, but it’s clearly not alone. same windows or chrome with its extensions. But, is dark mode really good for eye health? We have the answer.

How does dark mode work on phone or computer?

In order to fully understand how dark mode affects our human eye, we must first understand how it works on our screens.

To put it roughly, dark mode allows you to mirror the colors of your screen. Instead of getting everything light spectrum In white light, the latter will attempt to blend icons, text, or even your Instagram photos so that they appear less visible than in normal mode. Above all, it makes it possible to lengthen Device independence those who have OLED screen.

Dark mode also appeared at the same time as the democratization of OLED. Then turn off dark mode screen pixel, which causes many items to not be lit from behind. These items will use less energy and return less light to you, accelerating eye strain.

So it can effectively reduce eye fatigue, it is a reality. Why exactly? Well, because the dark mode removes the blue light that is in the white light of the normal mode. this is blue light speed it upretinal aging. It causes photochemical stress and impairs the eye’s ability to absorb light.

If your eyes are tired, dark mode also helps reduce eye strain by reducing bright screen signals, such as light reflections on the latter.

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Dark mode, it is not recommended for the health of your eyes for some people

According to the above items, the dark mode really allows you to reduce fatigue eyes. On the other hand, the dark world is not necessarily a magical health cure to spending hours on screen.

In fact, the dark mode forces your eyes to adapt to the changing light. In particular, your pupils will have to expand and so you may have blurred vision For some time. It’s time for the brain to do concentrationin short.

dark mode phone

But, it is also possible that the dark mode may not be suitable for everyone, precisely because of this development. people suffering from visual disturbances Those who don’t wear glasses on the screen are likely to see their vision changed with dark mode. And that’s in the long run.

This includes farsighted, they Nearsightedness they Presbyopia or Astigmatism (more on that for the latter). the reason ? Dark mode can cause a luminous halo to appear and thus tire your eyes prematurely. This is mainly due to the overlay of light writing on the dark background.




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