Ismaily finally allows LOSC to draw

David will be refocused

Bayeux goes out and makes way for Gudmundsson who goes to the right wing.

What a goal from Ismailia!

He’s spotting the French league, but the ex-Brazilian from Shakhtar is fearless. Two phases inside allow it absolute access to the surface, hitting a small net. 1-1 and another dice pass from David!

David can’t adjust to the corner

The ball returned to him after a small pool shot, and a twisted clearance from peeing. But the Canadian strike goes much further than that.

Bamba can still see one of his shots go awry

Another great move on the left side, with a heel deflection by Kabila for Ismaili… which stops the ball at Lemba’s heel. But Castellito deflected a corner kick.

2nd Cooling Break

It also allows staff to give some instructions and make some adjustments (“shoot out of reach of Lafont” on the LOSC side for example).

Lafont catches a new ball

This time it was a very long and straight indirect free kick in his direction. But his previous stops calmed Lille’s anger a little, and the Canaries suffer less.

Change of side in Nantes

Coco has been replaced by Fabio.

Another Lafont stop!

We will forcibly copy and paste. This time it was very close, after a cross from Bamba to Capella.

Lafont’s hands fixed!

It wasn’t empty, but almost! Great save from Nantes goalkeeper with a shot from the entrance to the area. He’s on his way to his match in Angers!

Lafont saves by bar!

Lille’s midfielder appears at the near post after a two-man corner kick, but his head swerve was pushed back by the Nantes crossbar.

Bamba can’t adjust his position

However, the Lille winger got ahead of Coco, but Lafont’s exit prompted him to force the center back, and he was blocked by a defender.

Bayo lacks technical precision so far

Ball catches are always very long.

Lafont is managing its surface pretty well so far

The Nantes goalkeeper puts up a strange free kick that Capella tried to be fierce by launching it straight.

Here we are bringing back a double change on the Lil side!

Fonseca changed her side: Diakité and Ismaily warned against replacing Zedadka and Djalo.

It’s the break!

Nantes led 1-0 thanks to a corner kick by Moussa Simon, who had already hit the post a few minutes ago. Overall, LOSC has the ball and FCN chances in a fun match.

Injury time 2 minutes

A Lille staff member was notified. Mastiffs spend a lot of time complaining, without always understanding why.

Blass was caught in extremism!

Jardim, coming out of his area to scan a long ball, misses the skin. Blass looks lonely in front of goal, angled but not pronounced, but Capella is back from Devil’s Favert (more on the old expression) to parry his shot.

Sixth corner of the night

Nantes defends well, with David being chained quickly after taking the ball.

Simon sets Lille’s defense on fire again

The Nigerian is fast-paced and even going a lot since he finally got in front of the ball at the end of the race. It was hot!

André is the fourth inhabitant of Lille

The Lille midfielder threw himself on the ball, but touched Chirivella who was faster. Lille’s defensive sector should be really careful…

Gomez’s strike was blocked by Jirotto

The combination on the left side was great on the LOSC side. Movement and passes: We could already see Fonseca’s touch despite the score.

Lafont stop!

It aligns with last season, with a stunning jump to fend off a header from Bamba. It was LOSC’s first attempt on goal.

LOSC will run behind the score

The goal was validated and the mastiff returned the ball to play.

Simon unlocks the score!

Nigerian rises on a corner after deviating from Jiroto in the near goal! We’ll still check for offside, but the outlook is good.

Zedadka tries his luck without control

Lafont was unable to capture a runaway position and the ball returned to Lille’s side, who sent his plane into the stands.

The post saves Jardim and LOSC!

What a sequence from Simon, holding the ball behind the supporting leg and a shot spinning on a pivot at a closed angle. She’s on the post, and David’s slight deflection at first probably saved his team.

It’s time for a great vacation

LOSC has the possession, but there were shots on each side.

An interesting combination of Nantes

The free kick is taken for Chirivella, who shoots from long range. He was pushed back for a corner by a defender, and it didn’t work out.

3 Lille defenders already reported!

Dagalo admits a mistake and gets a yellow card, but he demanded a hand from Mutosami at the beginning of the match. His captain Fonte also comes to shout at the referee and receives the third yellow card of the match.

Simon’s free kick finally hits the wall

false alarm. And Girotto, who was also next to the ball, may have the right to shoot the next ball.

Zedadka has been warned

Merlin hangs with both arms in front of the corner of the box. The next free kick could be dangerous.

LOSC has 63% possession of the ball.

But there are voids on both sides, and speed on the Nantes side.

Nantes’ three-man defense searches for its marks

Balois often turns to manage David, a little out of the way, not staying at three against the lone Bayeux in the axle. It’s exciting to watch, especially since mastiffs have the drive.

It’s going strong!

Lille defender Alexandro compensates for his technical error. In the aftermath, the mastiff attacked but Bamba was unable to frame his header at the far post.

Nantes Lille has not been defeated at La Beaujoire since his return!

LOSC is the team that the Canary Islands have hosted most often without winning at all since their promotion to Ligue 1 in 2013/2014 (9 receptions – 3 games, 6 defeats).

Starting !

Kick-off by FCN in a beautiful summer atmosphere.

The players are entering the grass!

La Beaujoire is full, and Blass was given a warm welcome when the teams were announced.

David should stay on the right

That was a success for Al-Kindi last week, who took advantage of Zedadka’s rally to refocus.

night: Jardim – Zedadka, Fonte, Alexandro, Dagalo – Andre, Gomez – David, Capella, Pampa – Bayo.

Alternatives: Jacobis, Chevalier, Gudmundsson, Euro, Bafoud, Ismaili, Martin, Yazigi, Baleba.

Blas is a good start

The Nantes midfielder could be Lille in a few days, but he will be a starter for the night against LOSC, seeded 10th in a 3-4-1-2 Kombouaré game.

Nantes: Lafont – Castellitto, Girotto, Baloa – Coco, Chirivilla, Motosami, Merlin – Blass – Simon, Muhammed.

Alternatives: Decamps, Appiah, Corkia, Fabio, Doucet, Aceh, Mavillian, Gesand, Afama.

Strange match for Blass?

Midfielder Nantes Ludovic Blass has been announced, however, he has been close to Lille for several days. A situation that infuriates his coach.

Antoine Compoire.

Catch Nantes-Lille live (kick off at 9pm)!

Ranking at the start of Day Two is easy: the teams that won last week at the top, the teams that tied in the middle, and those that lost at the bottom of the table.

Nantes, who returned 0-0 from their trip to Angers, has the potential to benefit at home against Lille. But the Mastiff got off to a good start, with a 4-1 victory over the Auxerre on day one.

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