‘It’s disastrous’: ADP CEO vows to return all luggage lost in Roissy ‘Wednesday’

“On July 1, 2022, a very unfortunate episode occurred, which led to a mess of baggage,” it was posed, right from the start on Tuesday morning at the RMC microphone, Augustin de Romani, CEO of ADP (Aéroports de Paris), after a great Mimicac 12 days ago in Roissy.

It is estimated that “significantly” more than 20,000 pieces of baggage were lost that day at Ile-de-France airport. “It is disastrous, the image of our airport has been damaged,” he stressed, offering his “apologies to all passengers.”

He returned to this mess: “The group of ADP and ADP employees who had to be there at 5 am to fire the baggage sorters (…) and who didn’t come, (…) it hurt me.” “ADP is not solely responsible,” admits the CEO, who explains that “at 9 am, the SkyTeam (a coalition of 18 companies) registration system found itself in a state of collapse…”

As a result, sorting workers began to take charge of bags “between seven and nine in the morning,” which, he said, caused “about 5,000 pieces of baggage to be lost.” Subsequently, the collapse of SkyTeam could have resulted in the loss of “another 3,000 or 4,000 pieces of baggage.” Then “there was a chain phenomenon,” he estimated, without giving an exact number of lost personal effects.

“This strike, this episode, has created an unacceptable situation,” said Augustin de Romani, accusing: “Normally on Wednesday evening, all baggage will be returned to its bearers.”

“Don’t come too early”

The head of Paris airports also gave some advice to passengers: “Do not come early.” “With passengers arriving very early, the luggage is not put into sorting, but in storage. It could include 5,000 bags, but we have 50,000 now. You have traffic jams,” he explained. The CEO recommends arriving three hours early for international flights, two hours for European flights and “one hour until 1:30” for domestic flights.

Agustin de Romani also returned to the strike that closed Roissy and Orly airports for several days, noting, with regard to employee salaries, that “everything has been raised to the record level for 2019, in addition to an increase of 3%.” Regarding the customer shortage, which he considers to be “the infinitely weakest of all the world’s airports,” it is estimated that “180 to 200 individuals” are “missing in Roissy” and “about the same number at Orly.” Regarding border police officers, “we have fewer staff 15% compared to 2019,” Augustin de Romani admitted, while ensuring that “it will not be the end of the world this summer at our airports.”

Finally, regarding the rise in airfares, it is estimated that they could go down in a couple of years. The tension on demand for aircraft will continue as long as unrealized flights are sold. For two years, we’ve been weaned off travel, so for 18 months there’s going to be pressure to travel because of catching up.

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