It’s never too late to embark on ‘Brooklyn 99’, before its eighth and final season

After seven seasons of relentless investigations, Halloween robberies and student jokes, the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine ENDS: If this eighth season actually airs in the US on NBC and on Canal+ in France, it will arrive on Netflix on August 13. A chance to bid farewell to the cult characters, and rediscover this series that benefits morale.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine It follows the adventures of Squad 99 of the New York Police Department (NYPD), between murder investigations and the arrest of drug lords. But beyond the investigations (sometimes very minor), we follow the lives of the various characters in the brigade, from Commander Raymond Holt to Secretary Gina, through various police officers and service inspectors. A beautiful set of Broken Arms we’re happy to find this past season, which promises to be strong in sentiment.

Because with the seven seasons, there is plenty of time to see it coming

Seven seasons, about fifteen 30-minute episodes each season: If you hit Brooklyn Nine-Nine this month, you’ll have time to (re)watch all the seasons before they hit Netflix. Perfect layout for a comedy series to go with SuperstoreAnd the social communication where friendswhich is taken during the lunch break or which lasts until late in the evening.

In addition, the 30-minute format allows each episode to be fast paced, a torrent of outlines, and the development of two story arcs, intertwining for a quick fix. Without getting caught behind closed doors (even if most of the scenes take place inside the 99th police station), the series manages to take us to several places in New York City, playing with its cliché.

Because it is a very funny series, where you master the humor

Brooklyn Nine-Nine It is a comic series, but it does not fall into the trap of playing on clichés and stereotypes. In short, it is a series in which we laugh with the characters and not with the characters. Nobody mocks Raymond Holt’s homosexuality, but rather his obsession with control and casting; We laugh at Jake Peralta’s immaturity or Amy Santiago’s obsession with organizing; Gina, through her many faults, has become imaginative in her paranoia. Not to mention Cheddar, a Corgi Captain Holt, who quickly became the mascot for fans.

The characters are all complex, and show themselves in many ways over the seven seasons: Rosa Diaz, the team’s badass, leaves herself in times of weakness when she’s more used to breaking things; Charles Boyle is sometimes ridiculed for his sensitivity, but he is shown to be a loyal and exemplary best friend; While the mountain of muscle that is Lieutenant Terry Giffords hides my father a chicken with a big heart. The different seasons allowed the characters to flourish, change, and grow and were no longer the archetypes.

Because it is comprehensive and full of positive representations

Section 99 is like New York City: full of variety. The series has many non-white people, from different backgrounds (including two Latin American characters, Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz, and two African American characters, Terry Giffords and Raymond Holt), both in its main characters and in its secondary characters. The series avoids racial clichés, and repeatedly addresses important issues, such as the racism found in the police, or police violence against blacks.

The female characters are also very decisive, and are presented as strong and independent, with more or less sensitivity. But above all, the show has many visual LGBTQ+ characters, including spouses Raymond Holt and partner Kevin: Raymond Holt is also introduced from the first episode as New York City’s first black and gay captain. Rosa Diaz’s bisexual appearance in episode 100 of the show marked a huge step forward in bisexual representation in the United States, especially in prime time.

Because there are tricks we will never get tired of

Brooklyn Nine-Nine It is one of those series that has become a cult over time, partly for the references and punchlines carried by the main characters. Among them, the song “Cool cool cool” by Jake Peralta, which will be uttered when an embarrassing situation arises; or “your sex tape title” when the sentence has a sexual character. Another trick that will always make us laugh a lot: the culinary obsession of long-abandoned old Inspectors Hitchcock and Scully, who spend more time savoring New York gastronomy than solving investigations.

But every season Brooklyn Nine-Nine It features ‘Halloween Heist’, as the squad competes to win the title of Best Detective/Genius during a life-size heist mission. As the seasons go by, the heist becomes an increasingly addictive event, and leads to some surprises and sweet moments between characters, but also lots of laughs.

Because it’s the family we grew up with

Brooklyn Nine-Nine She is one of those series with characters so diverse and likable that they are almost part of the family. We rejoice in their adventures, their marriages, we cry with them, in short, we get acquainted. Over the course of the seasons, you’ll realize that you’re more Amy than Rosa, and you’ll cherish Jake and Charles’ friendship or Raymond/Kevin’s husband. Brooklyn Nine-Nine It deals with many of the sometimes difficult questions that can arise in life, from going out to the issue of paternity, from discrimination to the death of a loved one.

In seven seasons, we laugh and cry with the 99, we ask ourselves sometimes, and above all, this is good for morale. While waiting for the eighth and final season to arrive on Netflix on August 13, and weeping over the series’ finale, take the time to (re)watch the adventures of New York’s most ridiculous police station. As Terry Giffords says: Go 99!

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