It’s official: Anthony Bullitt joins Asvel

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Swiss-American winger Anthony Bullitt will start his professional career in Aswels.

ASVEL on Wednesday officially announced the arrival of the US-Swiss pavilion Anthony Polite (1.98 m, 25 years old) for the next two seasons. Very present in recoil and effective at long distances, this versatile prism 3 thickens the Rhone’s outdoor sector. He will want to complement David Leighty.

Michel Veronet, Deputy Director in charge of the athlete explains: β€œIt is a bet we believe in very much. Anthony has a lot to prove, and he wants to show things at the highest level. His lack of experience in the European game will make up for his energy, commitment and determination. We are convinced that he will be the perfect complement to David Leighty in position 3. .”

Anthony Bullitt is currently playing in the summer league with San Antonio. It also has a clause in the event of a Tottenham bid. Since leaving Florida State University, his native Lugano will discover the Euroleague next season. After Jackson Cartwright, Obasuhan and Matthews, he became the fourth foreign player in Ron’s 2022-2023 squad. At least one foreign intern must be added to the collection, with why not Yusova Vale extended.

Manpower in Asfael 2022-2023:

  • First Places: Parker Jackson Cartwright and Matthew Strazel
  • 1/2: Nando de Colo and Ritten Obasuhan
  • 2: Jonah Matthews
  • 2/3: Paul Lacombe (?) and Kylian Malawaya (Hope)
  • 3/2: David Leighty and Anthony Bullitt
  • 3/4: Charles Kahudi and Zachary Rescher (Hope)
  • 4: Amin Nawa
  • 5/4: Livio Jean Charles
  • 5: Joffrey Louverni (?)


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