Jean-Luc Reichmann: This very “violent” treatment which was so painful because he followed it, all for nothing

Jean-Luc Reichmann has rarely had much of his hemangioma. This physical peculiarity, he assumes when he’s younger. Her parents believe in medicine and try to make him disappear. He remembers, in particular, a treatment that was as painful as it was ineffective.

Difficult Childhood by Jean-Luc Richman

Everyone knows that kids can be very naughty. Because of his physical peculiarity, young Jean-Luc Reichmann is an easy target for some comrades. We point to this red spot in the middle of his face. A task that he has done since birth and does not wish to do. Because of his physical difference, he doesn’t do the job. You have to see it disappear.

In the TF1 documentary, his mother recalls these moments when doctors told him the job was up. Over time, it will be less and less noticeable. But the years go by, and the mission remains. His mother realizes that her son is suffering, and then looks for solutions. You hear about a treatment that might work. Jean-Luc Richmann remembers it well.

My mother used to take me to the hospital to finish it. I put it on dry ice, it hurt very badly and appeared more, with a crust. It was scary. It was very violent. We did this three times and she asked us to stop“.

Jean-Luc Richmann shocks

Humans have this ability to remember certain words and certain actions. Jean-Luc Reichmann remembers all the words he heard about his mission. Because these words hurt him. If his childhood wasn’t easy, the person who is now a hugely successful animator struggled as a teen.

The hardest part was adolescence. A girl told me that the spot on her nose could never go out with me. But if it isn’t physically, I realize that by making people laugh, it brings them together a lot. Perhaps thanks to this difference I made seduction my profession.The host already presents 12 coups de Midi without hiding his mission. She is a part of it. But in its beginnings, her mission is formed. When he presents, in France 2, Les Z’amours, she does not appear:

A year later, I started wiping the foundation off with my fingers. The producers wanted to make me the perfect son-in-law, I told them I didn’t recognize myself, it was not me. I was old enough to take over my mission“.

Jean-Luc Richmann’s sister helps him carry out his mission

While he notes that he started to take over once he reached adulthood, this psychological process of acceptance begins when he’s still a teenager. He realizes, while still very young, that his sister is deaf. As a result, he compares his situation to Marie-Laure’s disability. ” Peanut was compared to his deafness”, considered the host talking about a hemangioma.

At eleven I understood that what I have, with my difference, a spot on my nose, is absolutely nothing compared to my sister’s handicap. You shaped my characterThe host is also the first in his family to notice the deafness of his sister, who is nine years younger than him. Marie Laure is already 97% deaf due to a birth defect.

Today, Marie-Laure is little present in her brother’s media life. If she can live her life, work and have a family despite her disability, she is not comfortable with the idea of ​​speaking in front of the camera. But she agreed to do it for her brother while filming the documentary. A chance for Jane Luke Richman to wake up as the first TV host to ask for subtitles. He makes this request after realizing that his sister does not understand his offers. At that time, translation was only for TV news. Sure, Marie Laure isn’t very much present in the media, but she has been involved in changing television.

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