Jeff Panaclock: His struggle with Jamal Debbouze in Marrakech for the village turned his career upside down!

Marrakech du rire was a program that attracted millions of viewers during its airing period! The program opens up on a lot of topics, but especially on humour. However, fans are sad to leave this coveted title! Because yes, M6 broadcast its last edition on Tuesday, July 19th. On occasion, Jeff Panaclock has revealed a great deal about his meeting with Jamal Debbouze! We give you more details in the following lines!

Jamal Debbouze: The Marrakech Village Program quickly withdrew!

Marrakech du rire is a program initially presented by Jamel Debbouze in 2011. Since then, the title has put itself in the hearts of French-speaking viewers! Several key comedians also appeared in the Telecrochet. After 11 years of broadcasting, the latter retired permanently on Tuesday, July 19! It was on the verge of its tenth edition held last June.

As part of celebrating this feat, our colleagues were asking the guy if the enthusiasm around the event had stayed the same! First of all, he didn’t think the program would last that long. But with the progress of broadcasting, Marrakech du Rayer became the scene for the emergence of famous artists. Soon, Jamel Debbouze’s show won a huge number of fans!

An essential program for budding actors!

Jamal Dabouz also expressed his pride in the role his show took! Because nowadays you can find an African party, a party for Arabic speakers, a party for French speakers.” The man also captivated in his joy and Good luck with the merger! the program. He emphasized this by saying, “We are really happy!”

However, it turns out that’s not the only factor that made the show a success! Besides, its growing popularity is also due to some extent shining cast. Many budding actors have made important appearances there. “If you succeed in Marrakesh, you have a chance to be successful,” said Jamel Dabouz.

Jamel Debbouze: His conflict with Jean-Marc would have changed Jeff Panaclock’s life?

Jeff Panaclock actually Certificate ! During his interview with Figaro, he told him how his participation in the show has greatly affected his career! Moreover, he did not miss the opportunity to return to his famous struggle with Jamal Debbouze. A legendary spectacle that could have apparently changed his career (in terms of vision).

As we told you above, the Jamel Debbouze show has recently been discontinued! But as for Jeff Panaclock, it turns out that his timeline is already well defined. Know that soon, fans of the comedian will be able to see him again Next season From “Mask Singer” on TF1. The man will occupy the jury seat.

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