Jiuro center leader, offensive in the figure, defensive sector to improve … lessons of the first match of the blue

Les Bleues make their mark. The French national team, defeating Italy (5-1), made a convincing and almost successful participation in the race on Sunday 10 July. Slow and successful in the first half, the French slowed slowly after the break, until they conceded an avoidable goal. If many of the lights are already green, not all uncertainties will go away. Franceinfo: The sport is benefiting from the lessons learned from this match.

Gyuro, Queen of Middle-earth

She is the star of the meeting. The author of the trilogy, voted player of the match, Grace Giroud sprayed the lawn of the New York stadium with her talent, proving that she was the staple of the French midfielder. “I’m happy with my game, I managed to get a lot of chances, to be effective”The Paris Saint-Germain player analyzed at a press conference.

“Grace led this team perfectly, which started strong and well”, summed up his coach Corinne Deacon. While she had missed the two preparatory matches due to a minor injury, Geyoro who was injured “In the heart to start well” Competition, at the level of the first encounter against Italy. The challenge is successful.

Repeat the attack balances

In front of the Parisians, the offensive line was especially pronounced against the Transalpines. Marie Antoinette Catuto and Delphine Cascarino netted, while Kadidiato Diani, who was untenable at the start of the match, caused excessive situations in the first two three goals.

“We know each other very well now, especially the attackers, so we have this facility to find spaces and carry out operations”Grace Giroud pointed out. After matches with River’s goals against Cameroon and Vietnam, the three forwards also proved that they know how to be decisive during major events.

intensity of purification

One of the doubts before kick-off had to do with the French team’s ability to accept fighting and intensity, after two light friendlies. On the grass, the French started with a party, before slowing down in the second half. “We slowed down, there was less movement, we will have to erase that in the next matches”admitted Eve Perisset.

“Not because they weren’t told in the locker room to stay focused, and with the same intentions”Corinne Deacon smiled at his side. However, the coach wanted to eliminate doubts about the physical form of her troops: “They’re good in that regard, they’ve done well, they’ve recovered well.”

The defense must be reassured

This is the sector that may raise some concern. Behind the offensive rushes, the French defense looked more difficult. The defensive quadruple at times faltered due to rare Italian attacks, not up to the level of the rest of the team, before cracking in the final quarter of the hour. “It’s such a shame that your goal netted, it’s the negative point this evening.”which frankly admitted Yves Perisset.

This instability is also due to the various configurations of the recent encounters, with the absence and then return of Wendy Renard, and the difficulties of Corinne Deacon making the choice between Gridge Mbok and Isato Tonkara to accompany the leader in the hub. “I have to choose, the creation of Assatou has been carefully thought out, and I think she will have a good match”The coach reassured. Shall we move towards a little stability in the back? The match against Belgium on Thursday will provide the first element of the response.

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