Joel Embiid has just been officially naturalized French!

One of the TV series in recent years was about the French basketball team. The possibility of seeing Joel Embiid evolve with the selection of Vincent Colette has gained new momentum, since the Sixers’ hub was officially naturalized on Wednesday morning. The theoretical conditions for him to wear the blue jacket have now been met.

What news! It would have slipped through the loopholes, since it is just a small announcement of the enormity of the decrees and other appointments in the Official Gazette on July 13. However, this “small announcement” is potentially the starting point for good news for Team France. But what did she say? So no, it’s not about the creation of a statue of Yvan Fournier in Charenton-le-Pont, at least not yet. No, the document mentions the French naturalization of some… Joel Embiid, just that. This is the conclusion of a major big file that has somehow made its way with the French national team since 2016 and the first rumors regarding the Philadelphia hub’s desire for blue, white and red citizenship to play in the national selection. Conclusion Yes, but only legal conclusion. If all the conditions are now met since this morning for the hub to actually play for France, the fact remains that Vincent Colette will have to choose the latter to go over the parquet floors in the company of Yvan Fournier, Rudi Joubert and Nicolas Batum.

This news comes even though the issue – if you can call it that – has picked up the slack in recent months. A few weeks ago, we told you about the hub’s request to the French authorities to start this naturalization process. In fact, we’ve turned it into an aperitif, it’s still available here. In the process, the players of the French national team were very logically asked by the media to give their opinion, with more or less clear positions. For Nicholas Batum, the discussion afterwards focused more on the ethical side of such a movement. At the same time, it’s hard to say that rejecting a boy like Jojo is mathematically consistent. As a reminder, the Giant finished second on the NBA Most Valuable Player list this season with scary averages: 30.6 points, 11.7 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 1.5 against 68 games played. A broken left orbit may deprive him of a potentially big playoff campaign, but the truth is that he is now one of the best basketball players in the world. This announcement going in the direction of reaching the France team should not however be the last step for Embiid because it is logically necessary – and in line with the rhetoric of some players at the EDF – to expect an intensification of ethical discussions. The EuroBasket 2022 roster actually fell last week, so it will be very difficult to see M’sieur Jojo hoping to integrate it. No, the next viable deadline for a possible merger will undoubtedly be the Basketball World Cup in 2023. A lot of ink will likely be flowing by then, but remember that the FFBB itself recently admitted that it contacted the player. Exchanges that were not necessarily in vain as evidenced by this news today.

Joel Embiid is officially a French citizen! The doors that led to his incorporation into the France team were legally opened, leaving only the French Basketball Federation to make a moral decision on the matter. We say it as if it will be settled quickly, but the discussions will have to remain moving for a long time.

Source: Official Gazette of the French Republic

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