Johnny Hallyday’s Legacy: This iconic being was released to Laura Smet by Laeticia

At the end of a long legal battle and trying with the singer’s widow, Laura Smit ended up finding a deal and was able to keep some memories of her father, Johnny Hallyday.

Surprised to discover a will written in 2014, we remember that Laura Smit and David Hallyday were excluded from the estate of their father, legendary rocker Johnny Hallyday. He disappeared in 2017, and it took him three years after a long, hard and arduous legal battle In order to reach a final agreement between Laura Smit and Leticia HallydayHis father’s widow. Among the things that Laura managed to keep in the innkeeper’s memory, some are very symbolic.

Johnny Hallyday sofa is now on Laura Smet

So the young mother has finally found peace in the ordeal she has grown up The death of his father and then the disputes between the “clans” Halliday.While his father’s emblematic home “Savannah” in Marnes-la-Coquette was sold, The sofa that was sitting in Johnny Hallyday’s office was given by Leticia to Laura Smit. The leather sofa, his friends knew, was filled with dozens of pillows and fur throws, which was a haven of peace in the singer’s formidable residence. A small consolation, imaginable, for the daughter of the legendary rocker. However, the things she was able to get back mean a lot to Laura Smit: the platinum disc of the song her father dedicated to her, her guitar.Many memories are more valuable than money.

however, The agreement with Leticia Hallyday will allow the daughter of Johnny and Natalie Bay to receive a total of 2.62 million euros. It may not replace the loss of a father but it seems to restore justice after that Laura and her brother David had to suffer the horrors of a long clan war.

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Laura Smit is pursuing her career out of trouble
She is known for her talent as an actress.

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Laura was named an important character
In the field of culture, it is often called.

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Laura Smit’s resemblance to her father is amazing
Like father, like son

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For a long time, Laura Smit had a good relationship with Leticia
The young woman has since suffered some setbacks


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United in pain, the children of Johnny and Leticia were still in great shape
At the funeral, the fights haven’t started yet

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The legal battle is over after a long delay
Currently, Laura Smit has only come to an agreement with the widow of the rocker

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Laura Smit’s lawyer struggled hard
They came to an agreement

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Johnny and his daughter Laura
Sometimes a father’s love is the only inheritance

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Laura Smit is raising her mother’s class
So elegant, looks like Laura Smit has found her style

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Shining at the Dinard Film Festival
She is always very present in France’s cinematic scene

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The similarity with Nathalie Baye is also evident
The actress is a clever combination of her parents

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