Julien Cheminade (Cédric) takes a look at his sudden departure from the series

Cedric’s death came like a bombardment of thunder Tomorrow is ours. Having had a great experience at the nurse’s skin, his translator Julian Chemenade responded to his departure from the series.

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After being assaulted by Nicholas V Tomorrow is oursCedric is in a coma in the hospital. His children, Jordan, Jahia and Angie as well as his ex-girlfriend Noor (Sahil de Figueiredo sends a touching message to Julian Chemenade after Cedric’s death) follow each other by his bedside. But their attention is not enough. Cedric dies in the hospital. translated Julian ChmenadeEspecially in fantasy literatureBeautiful beautiful beautifulwhose DNA arrived a year ago, responds to his character’s death and his exit from the series.

“There was a lot of emotion”

How did you find out that Cedric, your character in Tomorrow is ourswill die?

I wasn’t expecting that at all. Production called us towards the end of March and told us Cedric was about to die. They brought in a lot of new characters last year and had to find a way out. I knew Cedric was going to die, but not exactly how that would happen. Then, I found out about his tragic ending in Scenarios, in the spring.

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Did you want a happy ending for Cedric?

I find it nicer for the character to die rather than just walk away from Sète. It gives a very solid sequence and I’m so glad I was able to play this deathmatch. I may feel a little sorry, he is dying in a coma without being able to speak to his relatives. In fact, had Cedric stayed in his position for the long term, it would have been interesting to see his story develop with Nur (Sahil de Figueiredo) despite the children’s reluctance to welcome him into their family. I found it very interesting to play this man torn between Eren and his lifelong love and passion for Noor.

How did you experience this move away from DNA?
All went well with the production when they told me about it. It’s the daily life of soap operas, I knew it was something that could happen.

How was your last scene shooting?

There was a lot of emotion, especially the last scene with Cedric, his heart not reacting to the pacemaker. It was very strange because obviously I wasn’t in a coma, I felt everything and had to control myself especially not to react when I felt the feelings build up. It is a funny experience to live. When I saw that I was going to have a day and a half of shooting in a coma, I told myself that would be long. And in fact, it takes a lot of focus, because you don’t realize how active you are in life. We move all the time. So it was actually quite intense.

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Where to see Julian Chmenade after departure Tomorrow is ours ?

And if Cedric’s twin brother reaches Set, will you be ready to return to the DNA ship?

it would be my pleasure ! Tomorrow is ours It was a great experience and I will be glad to meet the whole team. It was a great experience to be at Sète, I had a lot of laughs and learned a lot about this chain. Everyone, be it a production, a technical team, or a cast, is moving in the same direction and working daily to deliver one episode to viewers a day. It’s so crazy. I loved this tradition. I have wonderful memories of her.

What are your upcoming projects?

I will be at the beginning of the school year Scenes from the houses on the M6. I play as a guest. I filmed the first episode in June, and the character is probably a recur, hopefully anyway. That would be great. The field of possibilities is open, I will be more available, I hope a bridge can be made with TF1 and Newen as well, because they produce very beautiful stories. I would like to work with them again. I think Cedric’s role in Tomorrow is oursIt is, to me, a beautiful business card.

© TF1 screen capture – Tomorrow is ours

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