Justice authorizes Gabart to start Rum’s path with controversial Trimaran

Unlike the Ultim Class regarding Ultim SVR-Lazartigue compliance, the Navigator won his legal battle.

Relief and Rescue by François Gabart. At the center of controversy and controversy over the Trimaran SVR-Lazartigue match, which has been deemed out of regulation by the Ultim Class (innovative enclosed cockpit with winches inside the bridge) by his rivals, the French navigator won a battle that was brought to court by Kresk Group, owner of the maxi -trimaran. In the decision handed down by the Paris Judicial Court on Thursday, the judiciary authorized him to take the start of the legendary Rôme route that he finished in second place four years ago.

I am relieved with this decision that allows me to calmly focus on training and competing.

Francois Jabart

A decision (on the form, linked to an arbitration by the International Federation considered out of time) and a ‘temporary exit’ from justice will allow François Gabart, 2012-2013 Vendée Globe winner and then world record holder for the Solo Tour (42 days, 16 hours and 40 1 minute 35 seconds) to be at the start of the Atlantic in Saint-Malo, on November 6. Unless the Ultim Class decides to appeal. “The class is thinking, they will give their answer after consulting with their lawyer, probably early next weekSays someone close to the file. The decision will be officially announced on Tuesday, July 26.

I am satisfied with this decision that allows me to focus quietly on training and the competition that lies ahead, The interested party rejoiced. I am also happy to find the other skippers on the starting line. All these boats together will still allow for new and unforgettable races for all the enthusiasts who have shown unyielding support.. “

collective decision

Ultimate Class 32/23 Principal Patricia BruchardIt regrets that this ruling, in no way, takes into account security issues, among other things. This aspect is essential in our system and has always guided the judgment in its decisions. This exception will be given under limitations and concerns us. Today’s ruling forces us to grant the Kresk Développement an exemption from the Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe road, but that does not mean the calendar will continue. The class, so far, brings together 5 shipowners, 5 captains and several teams. We must collectively decide what to do next. “

Didier Tabari, CEO of KRESK Group and owner of the boat, contacted him for the explanation after this court decision: “ I hope that dialogue with the Ultim Class can resume in a more calm manner in order to restore the climate of trust that allows us to prepare for the future.” The future will tell us quickly if it is heard. And if sailing could permanently turn this page, which seriously scratched its image.

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