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Discover the detailed summary of a more beautiful life in advance of Episode 4578 on Wednesday July 13, 2022 broadcast on France 3. Yolande discontinued her role as a babysitter for the sons of Boher and Jean Paul. Emma does not understand that Cesar is not giving news. Justin and Batiste rediscovered their relationship.

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Eric looked like Leo… They’re not part of the police anymore

look for it A full summary of a more beautiful life for Wednesday, July 13, 2022 Episode 4578 in advance, 3 days before Radio France 3): Recap of the previous episode PBLV 12/07/2022 Connected.

Justin comes to replace Baptiste as a lifeguard…they will meet again the next day. Baptiste looks upset.

I dropped Emma Mattis at the entertainment center because it’s hard to make phone calls to him. Baptiste criticizes her for not wanting to spend time with the little boy when she just got back from Australia.

Yoland is going to take care of Raphael and Aurora: Patrick and Bowher give instructions… They are very nervous. Yolandi is relieved, she smoked a little … Parents are worried about going to work without children.

The most beautiful life of Baptiste

Baptiste and Justin are accomplices in their workplace

Baptiste and Justin take care of the day after a man is stung by a jellyfish. Justin says it’s just a big sunburn.
Eric and Simon go swimming: Eric is under the spell, telling Simon that he lives in a heavenly place.
Eric has to go to the police station to find out where his resignation is. He is ready to put 20 years of his life in the closet.

Boher's best life

Boher reluctantly accepts Eric’s resignation

On full duty, Patrick and Bowher come to see Yoland to see if everything is going well with the kids. They get to the apartment, it’s not there but it smells of dirty diapers and weeds. Jean-Paul locates Yolande’s phone, and she is in the Marquis Club of the Swingers Club. Single parents go straight to it.

Leo tells Eric he quit the police for Claire, and he thinks he’s gone around the police. Eric is full of questions. He is afraid that he did not make the right decision for the police station.

patrick the best life

Patrick and Jean Paul find themselves without a nanny

At work, everyone dances to Eric in an attempt to hinder him. Eric says he came down, and he has to do it… Jean-Paul thinks he’ll regret it because he’s a policeman at heart. Eric signs… Boher asks him what he will do, Eric replies that he will live.

Camille and Emma find Kevin… Emma says she is worried about Cesar going to Canada. You didn’t hear anything from him. Emma has a bad feeling, she asks Kevin to find out. Emma dreams of Caesar’s death. Camille is nervous.

Akira the most beautiful life

Akira and Luna are having a great vacation

Jean-Paul and Patrick ask Yoland not to smoke anymore and not to go to the swingers club anymore if she wants to continue babysitting. Yoland says that if it wasn’t fun, she didn’t want to babysit. Boher and Nebot find themselves without a custody solution.

A Better Life in Advance Episode 4577 of July 13, 2022: Simon Eric is ready for a new life

Eric comes home in the evening to join Simon and tells him it’s over, he’s no longer part of the police.
Simon offers Eric a job as a farm boy… Eric will return his apartment in Marseille.

Luna Plus Belle La Vie

The Castell and Luna family are in danger

Akira watches the stars in a place where there is no light pollution, and Bastian and Co. have planned to sleep under the stars. Sonali seems better, I smiled again. What the family didn’t see was the flames approaching their truck.

Plus belle la vie highlights on July 13, 2022: What you need to know

Justin and Baptiste find themselves saviors
– Bastien, Luna, and the children are in close danger from fires
Eric signed his resignation from the police station
Yoland gives up her babysitting job for Aurora and Raphael
Emma asks Kevin to investigate Caesar’s disappearance

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