Large families: the Blois family is living a “nightmare”, the police asked for help …

The Blois family has made a name for themselves on the Family Many show, Life in XXL. Since then, she has shared her life on Instagram with many subscribers. The family consists of 9 children. And besides, 7 years have passed since the formation of the couple.

Diana, the mother of a family, raised her seven children alone for a while, then met the man for whom she gave birth lightning strike Who today raises her children.

A family outing that went wrong

The Blois family decided to go for a fun family outing. The location was perfect. In fact, it is a festival suitable for the whole family. Be it parents with pop music, kids with inflatable games and various activities with climbing wall and also water games. We can say that all conditions are met to have a good time. So it was this Sunday, July 10, that the family was at the event near Montpellier At the Electronic Music Festival. A well-deserved entertainment moment for the whole family. But of course, not everything went as planned …

Large families: Les Blois is exhausted

It is the story the parents tell of the adventure they experienced. When they actually arrived at the site, excited about all the activities, they were soon disappointed. In fact, some of the promised activities were not available. The family suffered from disappointment. But they won’t let that get to them. So they showed a good spirit and decided to have fun. after passing long dayThe family, full of happy times and physical exhaustion, decided to go home.

But there again the family suffered a great disappointment. Once they got to the parking lot, the family had a big problem with their car. Or rather with other people’s cars. The parents shared on Instagram, “We’re a big mess. We have to have brunch first. When we stopped, no one was there, so we spent some time there. A car parked in front and another car in the back, on my brother’s row and my class, and all the rest of the row. So we guys are stuck with Juliet who has pain in her legs and wants to go to the bathroom. As far as I tell you it’s a hassle…I think it has been a long time.”

Big families: a desperate situation

So the family found themselves stuck at 40 degrees. Their children, and their tired parents, too, felt a wave of anxiety. If a tired child is not easy to deal with, then nine … So parents took matters into their own hands and decided to alert security. But the family did not receive any help. Since you never serve you better than yourself, the family took matters into its own hands. paid fromthe cars themselves Who bothered them with the strength of their arm.

Holy adventure! So, actually, actually, we did well to take things in hand because Social Security, all the guys from Social Security at the festival sent us to pack up. Basically, we had to do this. We called the police, they are a bit nervous… No one reacted.” Fortunately the family benefited from the help of young, stronger children. So the family concluded onWe converted it so we could finally move our cars. We were able to get the cars out and go home quickly at the end. Because if we had waited for them, I think we would It was for 2-3 hoursAnd the she completes. They didn’t even want to make a microphone call and told us “we won’t stop the music for your microphone call”.

A day full of emotions that the family is not ready to forget but in the end it ended well.

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