Large families: the daughter of a clan was raped many times, her story froze the web!

In July 2020, TF1 is launched “Big Families: Life in XXL”. Having become one of the television dates of millions of French, his principle is to follow the daily life of a family with several members. Among the stars of the program, we can mention PĂ©lissard, Santoro or Reymond who They are from Vaucluse.

Although they no longer appear on Channel One’s popular docu-Real cast, the Reymonds, like most of those we just mentioned, are still talked about on the web. Furthermore, recently, the eldest tribe had shocked more than one with his act Terrible reveal on TikTok.

Great Families: Eight Months of Ordeal

The Reymonds definitely stood out for the first two seasons of “Big Families: Life in XXL”. On screen, the large, mixed family of nine children was perfect. Having said that, the reality seems to be quite different according to Ashley Versesthe eldest daughter of the clan.

Before we talk about it, let’s first talk about the horror she has experienced for so long. In fact, the young woman was very active on TikTok collecting more than 30 thousand subscribers, the young woman decided that liberate the earth By showing aggression.

In particular, she wrote in a video posted on July 24, 2022:

“He raped me for 8 months and dared to tell his girl, ‘He was a starfish in bed.'”

Of course, in the comments, she He got a lot of support, but also criticism. Since she didn’t leave, some netizens thought she was agreeing, something Ashley denounces Another video after two days.

iamashleyaddyComment tells you that at the same time it wasn’t really a blast đź’€ Parmind made this – paramind

“Thank you for making my shock worse.”

Note that this isn’t the first time a young woman in her twenties has publicly testified about her ordeal. Still on TikTok, in June 2022, Cindy Raymond’s eldest daughter denounce attacks of which she was a victim.

We can read:

“No Thomas, just because I was dead drunk doesn’t mean you were allowed to touch me. Sasha, just because I loved you to death doesn’t mean you had the right to hold my hand and threaten to leave me if you refused. And the others who made me feel guilty and yelled at me because I was handicapped, Thank you for making my trauma worse.”

It’s clear that despite her young age, Ashley has already done so She went through hard times Most of the youth of his age. Unfortunately, in a struggle with her mother, who is no longer in a relationship with her stepfather, she cannot count on his support to support her.

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Big Families: Behind the Scenes

Why are mother and daughter cold? Ashley’s behind-the-scenes discoveries “big families” There is definitely something to it. In fact, on TikTok, I decided that a statement Behind the scenes of families “Almost perfect” who participate in the programme.

After she left the family home, she fired:

“Having made big families, life in XXL is: seeing most families lie, lots of scenes played, agencies buying subscribers from certain families, families living together just for subscribers on the other, because they can’t laugh at each other in Real life, three-quarters of the fakes you find at a price of 3 euros on AliExpress, the mothers who are loved by the public even though they are charming with their children. »

Violence, lying and abuse

Determined to make things right, Ashley later attacks her mother. In particular, accusing him of possessing his brother’s mouth blood 4 years by his big slap. Also, according to her account, the mother of the family had abandoned three cats on the street and left her six dogs alone for three days to go on vacation.

But the revelation does not stop there! Still responsible against her mother, she explains that the latter runs her contests on Instagram by voluntarily getting the people around her to win. Needless to say All of these accusations affect Cindy Who, according to his daughter, will think “A suit for defamation”.

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