Laure Manudo: Her son at the water’s edge with a shark, netizens are in shock!

Laure Manudo is a satisfied woman. Whether at the family level or on the professional level! And on the occasion of the summer season, Lu’s mother is enjoying a good sunburn by the sea, but she revealed via Instagram that her dear son almost died. While this person enjoys playing in the water, he does not realize that he is the potential target of a predator in the seas. the details !

Laurie Manudo and Jeremy Friott are happy parents

There was a time when Laure Manudu great sports. We can even say that this field is of its own making. During her journey, the mother of the family achieved a streak of Olympic victories!

Now she has found her new source of happiness within her family. Her life has already gone through a major turmoil after she met her sweetheart Jeremy Frio!

Since then, the couple has been has become inseparable. To the point when the lovers decided to start a family together. In fact, Laure Manudo was able to rediscover the joys of motherhood after the birth of her first child, Manon. Then she welcomed into her home the arrival of another child, the fruit of her union with Jeremy.

Warm atmosphere!

As far as the environment is concerned, it turns out things are going great! And, as it seems, everyone lives together. brothers and sisters at the same wavelength.

Moreover, Laure Manudo’s husband gave a recent interview on how to educate his children. As parents, they leave a certain freedom to their young children!

“I don’t tell them what to do, I just let them like what they want,” he said, he said managing children could really be exhausting task. But it is necessary to remember that to get the message across, pressure is not necessarily necessary.

“I explain to them what I know (…) after I gave them these tools and they do with them what they want!” This somewhat special education seems to have its implications. Laure Manudo and her husband can be proud of their children!

Laure Manudo: This incident almost ruined everything

Laure Manudo’s girlfriend seized the opportunity To drop some funny tales. This relates in particular to his son, whose favorite color is pink. “And he puts on braces every Sunday. He’s four and a half years old.

The artist also upset his fans with his desire to release a new album. A musical comeback seems to be expected.

In addition, Laure Manudo and her husband almost went through a tragedy! The mother of the family posted a photo of little Lou on Wednesday, August 10 on her Instagram. It was a shot showing the baby near the turquoise water, ready to dive in.

But what he didn’t know was that a little Shark roaming around. Fortunately, his parents immediately pulled him out of the sea. In this way their dear son managed to avoid the worst! Ensure constant supervision of your children!

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